Nintendo Switch Will Be The Next PlayStation Vita In All The Best Ways

Okay, so hear me out. I have a soft spot for the PlayStation Vita. It’s a complete disappointment in terms of sales, even Sony near abandoned the platform not long after  launch. Despite all this, the system has thrived in some very specific areas – smaller scale independent and Japanese developed games.

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masterfox700d ago

Please don't offend PS Vita in comparing it with the Switch, the Vita had alot of games in launch day with lots of features right out of the box, and also the Vita is still alive and kicking unlike other consoles :D

Neonridr700d ago

alive and kicking? Outside of Japan, how much support is this thing getting? Is Sony still supporting their own hardware?

isarai700d ago

1) Yes it is, there's still a consistent stream of quality games released on the handheld, hell just picked up world of final fantasy and DEX, then im pre ordering Ys VIII

2)Yes sony is actually still supporting it, it's not said but many games sony take initiative to insure a vita version. Can't remember them off the top of my head but there's been quite a few games not developed or published by sony that open with the Sony Computer Entertainment intro because sony handled the job of making the vita version. Is it huge support? No, but it's still pretty good

Neonridr700d ago

@isarai - ok, fair enough. Thanks for the information.

pyroxxx699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

I play it daily,.. don't know about you,.. kinda rediscovered biding of Isaac last week,.. and I cannot stop playing that thing ,.. Cannot wait of YS origins,.. because I am kind of disappointment by celenta,.. and even though those older type of ys games look look like crap in comparrison,.. think they play better.

EddieNX 699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

The Vita is one of the worst supported platforms of all time, lets not offend the Switch buddy.

The Vita is a piece of turd all around compared to Switch.

3DS is a million times better than Vita in terms of games which is really the only thing that matters.

Princess_Pilfer699d ago

Not really...

Better first party support, unquestionably. More/better games? No and highly debatable. The 3ds actually has about 300 fewer games and they have a similar number of games rated above 75 on metacritic.

masterfox699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Sorry dude the only turd you are talking about is about to release in a couple of weeks and is called Switch and not saying because I hated is because of facts: overexpensive price, overexpensive games(pathetic game count, and NO! one damn game doesn't justify the purchase of that tablet I mean switch ), overexpensive accesorys, pathetic specs(25 GB of availlable space? LOL).

Also why you bring the 3ds ? so damn insecure of your Switch purchase ? nothing good to say about the Switch ? come on man be honest and embrace the truth, you will feel relief. :D

How about I dare you to a game ?, tell me the greatest things of the Switch without mentioning Zelda, Mario or Mario Kart and Pokemons. GAME ON!! :D

Junebug699d ago

Too bad about the disagrees. ;D

Utalkin2me699d ago (Edited 699d ago )


Funny you say that, considering the Vita has outsold the WiiU and it was terribly supported. But hey as i stated before, you ignore facts and try to push your agenda.

Deadpooled699d ago

Most Deluded "Fanboy War Comment" on N4G - February 2017

EddieNX 699d ago

Get real guys! 3ds stomped the Vita in quality exclusives, literal annihilation, fact. Gtfo lol...
Switch >>> 3DS >>>>>>>&g t;>>>> Wiiu >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> > Vita

The vita was crap

Vegamyster699d ago


Your criticizing the Switch for being too expensive while defending the Vita? If you buy a new Vita today ($200) and a 32GB card ($80) it's only $20 cheaper than the Switch despite being 6 year old hardware. The Switch first month isn't great aside from Zelda and maybe Bomberman but by the end of the year it'll have a very solid offering of 1st party games, as far as 3rd party support goes we probably won't know until E3 since anything coming will probably be launching during the fall.

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goldwyncq699d ago

Yeah, if you're into crappy indie games and lewd visual novels, I guess it's still alive and kicking.

Princess_Pilfer699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

Odins sphere ring a bell? How about Setins Gate? Legend of Heros? Project Diva? Xcom? Hitman? World of Final Fantasy? Those were all well recieved, not indie, and released on the vita last year. Also there were good indies.

It's hardly a flood of high production value games, but there are there and not so rare as people (wrongly) make them out to be.

Junebug699d ago

You are misinformed, troll harder. :-)

Utalkin2me699d ago


i mean it could be like the WiiU and not supported at all in such a short time frame.

Deadpooled699d ago

When Switch gets a FPS as good as Killzone Mercenary then start comparing.

3-4-5699d ago

Oh come on Master actually believe that?

Listen to yourself. You can't even admit one positive thing about another company besides Sony can you ?

You need to be better than that. That is pretty bad.

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Travis3708700d ago (Edited 700d ago )

We will see about that. Nintendo has to prove they're supporting the console first. Not much has been shown and they want us to spend $300 on this. Not even a video of the online features yet. This console comes out next week and not much has been said.

stuna1699d ago

Not only that, the Switch console has a embargo in place. Why? Perhaps Nintendo doesn't want people to really know what they're $300 bones on!?

Neonridr699d ago

A console that can be taken on the go. Not hard to see what it is. Can't expect PS4 level of tech in a handheld and cost less than $500 or have a battery life that would last more than 5 minutes.

CrimsonPheonix699d ago

"Nintendo has to prove they're supporting the console first."
Because sony threw a lot of supprt behind vita /s
"they want us to spend $300" How much was a vita plus a memory card again?
"This console comes out next week and not much has been said."
They said enough to sell out of launch stock though.

higgins78699d ago

My God I've seen fan boys grasping at straws, myself included at times, yet those arguing Sony's Vita to be better than the Switch in any department are beyond deluded. Also, the argument for the Vita having a good amount of launch window games means squat if not sustained over its entirety. Even the N64 would have been hard to champion if it had only launched with its stellar launch titles.

Princess_Pilfer699d ago

The Vita has more games than the 3ds. What it doesn't have is 1st party or high profile games, which doesn't actually say anything about the quality of the games it has.

pyroxxx699d ago (Edited 699d ago )

I am getting swich ,.. only when it gets DKS1 announcement( remake/ remaster/port)whatever

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