3 surprisingly good 3DS games from 2011

These three 3DS games were surprisingly good, and overlooked.

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THR1LLHOUSE2493d ago

Shadow Wars does look pretty cool. If I ever get a 3DS I'll probably check it out...though now there's Mario games and stuff...

illegalyouth2493d ago

Shadow Wars is really underrated.

klecser2493d ago

The recent Mario releases are great and I wouldn't fault you for choosing them over SW. But, it is available for cheap and well worth the money. I paid full retail for it and don't regret the purchase in any way.

CloseSecond2492d ago Show
Venox20082492d ago

shadow wars is a great and polished game and it's not boring... I really reccommend it to all tactic fans and turn based combat players..

Squatch832493d ago

Shadow Wars is 1 of the reasons i got my 3DS on launch day :)

klecser2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Shadow Wars convinced me to buy a 3DS earlier than I had planned and the game was better than I expected. I put a solid 35 hours into it and I still haven't completed everything in it. It is the true sleeper casualty of the launch lineup and it is a great way to gauge whether someone really understands the 3DS library or is just talking out of their ass. If you don't like turn-based that's fine. But if you talk about the best of the first year and don't include this game it pretty much proves you don't have enough experience to make a complete judgment. The game media has been rightly mentioning it quite a bit the last few weeks as a top 3DS game of 2011.

And its still available for cheap. Pick it up if you liked Advanced Wars or Age of Empires on DS or if you like the Fire Emblem GBA game that Ambassadors just got.

SnakePlissken2493d ago

Wait a minute, you forgot 3 BIG overlooked and incredible 3DS games here! Nano Assault, Ace Combat and Williams Pinball. I own all 3 and can tell you that they are just awesome games!!!

Ace Combat is better than the console versions, it is more like the older AC games! Graphics look very similiar to the 360 version that came out a few years ago. Just incredible game! Nano Assault is one of the best shooters around, looks like a PS3 game.

Pinball is amazing too, have gotten alot of mileage outta this one. Looks almost identical to its PS3 counterpart. Love this one!!!

Venox20082492d ago

you forgot Bit.trip Saga 3ds too :) ..btw good games you mentioned here