Sony Vita Game Card Prices Announced, $50 for Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Though we're still in the dark about how much PlayStation Vita game cards will cost in America, the European pricing has just been announced, letting us make some educated guesses. The European PlayStation blog gives these prices on the first party titles, mentioning that games from untested IPs will be more cheaply priced? Very interesting.

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TheSanchezDavid2545d ago

The pricing of these games seems about right.

ZippyZapper2544d ago

Portable games for the same price as PC games?

no just no

ginsunuva2544d ago

But remember it will probably be a lot cheaper on ps store as download.

ZippyZapper2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Retail games have huge budgets, portable games do not.

You think 3DS and Vita game should cost as much as Half Life 3 or Diablo 3?

Lets say Half Life 3 PC/console cost say 30 million to make but Half Life 3 3DS or Vita cost 2 million.

Should they be the same price?


I understand there will be cheap $10 games but the big ones are going to cost $50.

That's BS any way you slice it.

Thatguy-3102544d ago

Ps2 games last gen were about 50$. So far from what I've seen some ps vita games seem to surpass them in term of quality so a 50$ price tag is just right. We have to remember that the games will range from 10-50$ . The price of gaming is expected to rise next gen so let's start preparing for it.

ShoryukenII2544d ago

PS2 games were more expensive to make back then. But they are no much cheaper than $50 to make.

DemonStration2545d ago

This is reminding me a lot of the 360 launch. Cheaper than expected for the platform itself, but you'll almost definitely spend enough on accessories or the 3G version or the $50 games to even it out.

smashcrashbash2545d ago

This is a great idea. Varying prices depending on with game you buy. Lil Deviants is a simpler game so it cost less and UC:GA is more because it is more complex. No more buying all games at one price whether it is shovelware, simple or advanced. I like it.

BTW I just read an article saying they know what the NA prices are for the memory cards. Here they are:

4GB – $19.99
8GB – $29.99
16GB – $59.99
32GB – $99.99

They didn't say it's a rumor but if this is true then the whole memory cared issue is null and void. A 4 GB card for $20.00. That is peanuts compared to what we thought it was originally.

GirlyGamer2545d ago

The ps blog says the prices will vary from $19 - $49

CynicalVision2545d ago

Yeah but it's obvious that high-level games like Uncharted will be the most expensive.

Chrono2545d ago

That's in America. The European PS blog says:

Uncharted: Golden Abyss – €49.99/£44.99/$69.95 AUD/$89.95 NZD

Convert these and you'll see it costs $65+.

GodHandDee2544d ago

that's including tax, yes?

lelo2play2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

Console is at a good price but accessories and games are expensive. Console without a memory card is unforgivable, since there are games that need it.

Games for a handheld (psp, psv, ds, 3ds) are way to expensive. We can buy good games for a mobile phone at 1-5€ or even free. What makes Sony and Nintendo think that most people want to pay 40-50€ for a handheld game. I grant that a game like Uncharted is a very good game, but at 50€ it's way to expensive. They would sell a lot more if the best new games were at a 20€ price range.

CynicalVision2545d ago

' We can buy good games for a mobile phone at 1-5€ or even free.'

Good games, sure. Games like Uncharted? Not even close. These are console quality games, not £1-5 apps from the Apple store.

tiffac0082545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

The games on the PSV aren't the games for the mobile phone market they are the games for the console market. So its really unfair to compare the price of the two when the production value is probably more expensive on the later than the former.

Also wait for the PS Suite games since Sony has said those will be the games that will be compatible with any android device out there. (I'm guessing at the same price too)

Now if those games cost more than the games you can get now for your mobile phones, then we can start to really complain.

kikizoo2544d ago

Oh look, what a surprise, all the xfanboyz/sony haters are crying about something they don't care, and totally satisfying for normal gamers..

compare vita's price to new smartphone price, compare game's price to 3ds game's price, etc etc = stfu

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