The 10 Most Disappointing PC Games of 2011

Unigamesity writes: "2011 was a pretty solid year if we are to think about the number of quality PC games released, but there were also a few titles that failed to live up to the hype and simply didn’t manage to deliver what was expected of them."

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ATi_Elite3801d ago

the list really only had 3 PC titles on it and the other 7 were multi-plats. Multi-plats that are simply console ports so they are what they are!

Stronghold 3 sucks in comparison to Stronghold Kingdoms.....feels rushed and not very well planned.

No game time with "A game of throne Genesis" and i never watched the show so IDK about this one

Disciples III: Resurrection........never heard of it!

Let me add E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy to the list.

I was pretty hyped up about this game but it turned out to be one giant turd. I'm so pissed off that i bought it but luckily it was during a Steam sale so i got Nuclear Dawn with it for one low price BUT still EYE:DC needs a major overhaul.

mokopa3800d ago

i downloaded 4 gig to play homefront. what a waste in a country where u get 500meg as maximum

Johandevries3800d ago

Duke Nukem Forever wasn't all that disappointing to me... just because I did not expect anything of it beforehand.

In my case, real disappointments: Homefront and Rage.