Touch Shot! Love Application PV4

Andriasang: This latest Touch Shot! Love Application trailer focuses on the Aoi Takigawa.

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Tuxmask552491d ago

Anime hawtness abounds.

Getowned2491d ago

If I was a anime character she could so play with my tentical monster.

what is this game about? lmao is it for PSV or something.

GraveLord2491d ago

Love Application? more like kiddie pr0n

Bathyj2491d ago

Only in Japan.

WTF was that dog licking?

Inception2491d ago

That's why i luv japan
they never have a shortage of boobs and tits and ass :3

FalconR2892491d ago

Whoever was singing sounds like the same person that sang the opening theme to Kampfer but that's just me. And if you haven't seen kampfer its a bit crazy weird Japanese anime show.