South Korea Has Entered A K-Game Era

At the mention of South Korea, most people must instantly think of Korean teleplay and Korean stars. They are collectively known as K-Pop (short for Korea-Pop) and enjoy a high reputation worldwide.

But according to reliable data, the output value of the K-Game (Korean game) industry is 14 times as much as that of K-Pop industry. K-Game has become the new pillar industry of South Korea and opened up overseas markets at an annual 50% growth rate of export volume.

K-Game is currently the most potential and fastest growing industry in South Korea. As disclosed by Korea Culture & Contents Agency, until March, the volume of cultural exports reached 3.3977 trillion won (approx. US$ 2.96 billion) and the game exports accounted for 53.3%, nearly 1.8121 trillion won (approx. US$ 1.56). However, the representatives of K-Pop, including Girls' Generation (pictured), Kara and Dong Bang Shin Ki only achieved 134.7 billion won overseas sales, which only accounts for 7% of the game export volume

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StraightPath3502d ago

must be some terrible games.

TheGameFoxJTV3502d ago

Korean made games that are pretty epic:


Blade and Soul:

Honestly, their games look better than alot of shit I've seen.

Emilio_Estevez3502d ago

That Vindictus looks pretty good.

TheGameFoxJTV3502d ago

What are people even disagreeing with? XD It's a fact that these are two Korean made games.

cyguration3502d ago

Stupid that you got disagrees.

Blade & Soul looks like most game's cinematics.

And from hands-on experience Vindictus is one of the best playing and best looking games I've ever played, period.

zerocrossing3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

Damn, UK needs to get behind our game devs instead of just hindering progress -_- there's a ton £££ that we're missing out on here.

tigertron3502d ago

and we have our wonderful Tory government to thank for that...

Chrono3502d ago

Korea made a lot of MMOs for the PC, some of them are quite popular.

BX813502d ago

At the mention of South Korea I instantly think of lazy K.A.T.U.S.A's!