The 2011 Vice Awards

With 2011 coming to a close, let’s take a moment to stop and reflect on the year’s very best and very worst. However, we here at Nerd Vice don’t want to decide for you what the year’s highlights were. We want to hear from YOU and let your votes crown the final winner!

We’ve assembled a list of nominations below and you can vote in these polls until January 1st, 2012. After that, we will announce what you’ve picked as the very best of 2011 and the winner of the coveted Vice Award in its chosen category. If you disagree with our nominations or feel like we’ve missed something, sound off in the comments!

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HK62589d ago

Really hope Battlefield 3 beats out MW3 in the Best Multiplayer category, much more deserving.

nerdvice2589d ago

Well, from all accounts, MW3 was very flawed. Personally, I'm more of a Toy Soldiers person. Haha. I love defense games.