Microsoft Aware of Xbox Live Error 80070571 and 801540B7

"Since the dashboard update, many consumers have been experiencing a major issue where they are unable to log into their Xbox Live Profiles. These users receive the error code 801540B7 and 80070571 and are then told they cannot log into their account. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and is working diligently to resolve is as this error has caused gamers to become locked out of their accounts completely and are unable to even access save files." - JPS

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zeal0us2493d ago

Yay another issue of free xbl gold? maybe

All jokes put aside the error is somewhat annoying especially when you get hit with it :( got hit with a yesterday

BluEx6102492d ago

If the situation gets big, we're going to need some free games to compensate =). Sucks that you got it, hopefully it's a very rare glitch.

gamingdroid2492d ago

It probably is, because I didn't get it and nobody I know got it. In fact, I didn't see it mentioned in the private beta forums either.

This is completely new to me.

Snookies122492d ago

Not hating on Xbox, I have one myself... But everyone always says it's such a better online experience than the Playstation Network. If that's true, why is it that I have so many more problems with Xbox Live than I do PSN? Including playing games online?

Snookies122492d ago

So... There are people disagreeing with me, yet no explanation as to why? At least tell me why you think it's better. I'm just asking a simple question here. o_o

Bundi2492d ago

Let me give it a shot, people are disagreeing because you're BSing, there's no way you have more problems on Xbox Live. Xbox Live is better for a number of reasons,
the interface is integrated into the system,
the marketplace is faster to navigate,
party chat and cross game chat is pretty nice, esp when playing single player games.
Xbox live is alot more stable than psn, it doesn't go down for hours on end for maintainence every 79 minutes,
it doesn't let hackers access your personal info,
in-game dash is fast and intuitive, letting you check and reply to msgs term quickly and
has voice messaging. Cloud service is 512mb.
Xbox Live TV
Has never been down for 25 straight days worldwide
Kinect voice enabled: Kinect Bing Red Dead Redemption. . .2 seconds later you have every bit of RDR content in front of you.
I'm not saying these things make xbox live worth paying for, but they definitely make it better than psn.

yesmynameissumo2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Let me give it a shot as well:

The XMB is, even after 5yrs, easier and faster to navigate than the 3 updates MS has had to provide to their new, new NXE.

The PS Store is categorized, straightforward and and just as fast to navigate. There aren't YouTube vids on how to find things on the PS Store.

Xbox Live is more stable, yet you make that claim in a thread about XBL errors. I'll take maintenance and proactive response over errors.

It lets hackers take your MS Moon Dollars and buy DLC, more moon dollars and games under your account that you can't play (nor wanted) or use. Then you get disconnected from the service you paid for, for upwards of 25 days, while they "investigate".

In-game XMB is fast enough for replying to messages and, as the XMB already is intuitive, is a non issue. Voice messages limited to length aren't worth paying for.

Cloud service is playing catch up. 150MB, with my 66 game collection is fine. I still have 134MB free.

PlayTV has been out since 2008. And you don't have to be a special member to access the content. Nor do you have to subscribe to a cable company to get less access to the services you're paying for. (Ex. Verizon requires you to have a Fios TV and Fios Internet bundle giving you 135 channels, but only 26 are viewable on the 360). You can keep that "bonus". I'm fine accessing all the channels I'm paying for from my DirecTV box.

Xbox Live has been down long enough during the holidays to give paying members the wonderful, wonderful game Undertow. Let's not act like it's flawless.

Having to pay $150 to do something your thumbs have been doing for years (and faster) is not a selling point.

I'm not saying XBL is trash, but it isn't better than PSN.

Intentions2492d ago

List your problems on xbl. Then I'll answer.

gypsygib2492d ago

I have both, the only advantage Live has for online gaming is that it's faster to create and read/respond to messages and the party system chat.

In terms of lag and connection speeds their identical.

SuperDuperSumo2492d ago

This doesn't matter as long it doesn't affect me, brothers.

KILLERAPP2492d ago

With updates there are always high probabilities that bugs will appear since we are human after all and not perfect. It happens with every device, it happens on Live and on the PSN , but they will work hard to get this back since less time of people on live and the PSN equals less time spend playing and less time of customers buying games...

Neko_Mega2492d ago

Microsoft never seems to listen to their beta testers, I know this because I beta test their dashboard once and they didn't listen and just said ok thanks for finding this problem.

Yet when the update happen for everyone, the problem happen to everyone -_-.

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