Game Type Released for Xbox Live Indie Games; Includes Not So Subtle Jab At New Dashboard

Mommy's Best Game has unveiled their newest XBLIG shmup, complete with a non-so-subtle jab at Microsoft's new dashboard.

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B1663r2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Ok, I wanted to see if this was a valid grievance or not, so I just said "xbox bing honor in vengence 2" and it came right up, it was the first item on the list... I didn't even leave the computer...

I mean common guys, I know it is trendy and all the kewl kids are ragging on Microsoft, but at least have a valid complaint.... Mmmmmkay?

yesmynameissumo2588d ago

What about the people without Kinect? Think about the entire situation and those without the peripheral the new dashboard was focused on...Mmmmmkay?

from the beach2589d ago

Bite the hand that feeds, eh?

Good news that the indie trash is generally well hidden in the new dash setup, hopefully prevents more people wasting their money on shoddy, half-made, amateur projects.