Two Worlds II Velvet Edition and Repackaged Royal Edition Released in North America

Not only has TopWare Interactive gotten around to releasing the new Two Worlds II Velvet Edition in North America, but they've also started selling a limited number of repackaged Two Worlds II Royal Collector's Editions in the event that you missed out on one of them early this year.

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ATi_Elite2520d ago

If your not playing Skyrim and or already finished The Witcher 2 then i suggest getting Two Worlds II.

It was a pretty good RPG. Get it now or pick it up during the summer when Pubs/Devs don't release shite!

AAWELLS092520d ago

Yes i second that as well. I had a blast playing this game and i always take time out to recomend it to other people. The game world is huge and very detailed with so much landmass to explore and one good thing is is that each aera has its own feel and vibe. What an great game and for look forward to whatever is next Reality Pump.