Sniper: Ghost Warrior - Two Million Copies Sold

DSOGaming writes: "Let's be honest here; Sniper: Ghost Warrior had its issues. However, the game's mechanics were good and it was quite entertaining - well, excluding the levels where it tried to copy Call of Duty and its 'Eagle-Eyed' AI that could spot you from miles away. Some felt cheated, some were disappointed and some were happy with their purchase. Bottom line is that Sniper: Ghost Warrior has managed to sell two million copies and that's a good thing for a small studio like City Interactive."

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brettyd3515d ago

sad...this is why you cant take sales seriously people. I hope we all learned something here today.

dark-hollow3515d ago

But i thought nobody buy pc games!

Laxman3514d ago

Ghost Warrior is also on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Akiba963515d ago

A game like this sells two million while so many underplayed gems barely reach one million, if that.

Tachyon_Nova3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

I disagree, this game deserves its sales, because it's publishers had the brains to realise that although it had great potential it wasn't a great game, and as such they sold it at a lower price than your standard AAA game. This is an idea that needs to be adopted much more by studios selling sub-AAA or perhaps unusual/completely original games.

Publishers know from presale rates and other targeted research how well a game is going to be recieved and sell, yet too many still release a mediocre game at the same price you can get something liked Arkham City or Uncharted for. Often I think these 'underplayed gems', which may be really good games but dont quite find a large audience would hugely benefit from launching at a lower price point. If people see a game thats cheap at release, that they've heard good things about, they will most likely but it even if they aren't entirely sure they themeselves will like it (maybe because it is a unique or very unusual game). Yet if it is still full priced at release then someone in that situation is much less likely to take the risk and buy the game. Even if it comes down in price later on, the game will likely be out of a potential buyers mind by then and even more likely get buried by the next wave of games.

Insomnia_843515d ago

I rented this game and like the article says it is very entertaining, the multiplayer is fun too. A good rent and a good buy when it hits $20.

Phantasm3515d ago

Although the game has some A.I. issues, I still enjoyed the fairly long and open campaign.

I never did try the expanded version with enhanced A.I., more guns and more single player missions.

I'm now looking forward to Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. (Cry Engine 3 based)

TooTall193515d ago

This game was really fun. I enjoyed sniping a guy trying to escape on his yacht.

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