Best of the PlayStation Store, Vol. I

Games Asylum has a kind of "Best Of", or more precisely, the ten best downloadable games available for the PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation Store. But it's not in a specific order so Games Asylum has avoided using the words top ten.

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Imallvol74987d ago (Edited 4987d ago )

I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3 and as far as I am concerned, PSN is much better. You have to pay for EVERYTHING on xbox live (and there are ADS!!!) while most everything, including themes, is free on PS3 (except for downloadable content) and there are no ads. PSN is really hitting its stride.

RuffRyder4986d ago

1. No you dont hav to pay for evey thing on live!! i get to choose from lots of themes, gamer pic etcs all for free.

2. The ADS are STRICTLY Xbox 360 GAMES OR MEDIA RELATED, and whats more ads can be turned off, but why would you want to? has the ads are very informative.

3. I have the PSN and it doesnt compare to live interms of content available.

demos, videos ,tv shows, acade games, and now xbox originals.

And your trying to say the PSN is much better lol....stupid retard.

Marceles4987d ago

They like Super Rub-a-Dub and not Calling all Cars...that's a first

Imallvol74987d ago

agreed, rub a dub is nothing compared to calling all cars, my friends and i played calling all cars for hours on ends. extremely addictive. Would sill be playing if it wasn't for warhawk and halo 3.