Ranking the Call of Duty games

Digitally Downloaded writes, "It's been a month and a bit since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was released, and people have already devoted days and days worth of time to the game - almost more than people have devoted to Skyrim, in some cases. People play the wheels off of Call of Duty games but, more often than not, they don't bother to stop and think about how it stacks up to the games that came before it.

Well, I decided to take a crack at it. This here is a list of all of the major games of the Call of Duty franchise, ranked from best to worst. If you haven't had a chance to play them all - from original to the latest release - give it a read: you may be surprised at how things stack up."

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Shackdaddy8363508d ago

Pretty good list. That's around my opinion +/- a few.

Also, there were a lot of CoD games left out. Like CoD:Finest Hour is probably the worst out of the whole series. It's miles behind even CoD3 (the second worst game on my list).

frostypants3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

Not a BAD list...props to them for judging them based on when they were released (i.e., putting the original in at #2). BUT, by this same logic, MW3 has no right being in the top 5, and above MW2. MW3 literally brought nothing new to the table. There's a reason why people call it MW2.5. It's clearly getting bonus points just due to it being the most recent release.

I'd rank them this way:
1) CoD
2) MW
3) CoD 2
4) WaW
5) BlOps
6) CoD 3
7) MW2
8) MW3

With #1-#7 being tight, and a BIIIIG dropoff between #7 and #8.

Spenok3507d ago

You know at first i was going to disagree with you about WaW being above Black ops, however after i think about it i remember having some rather good times with that one. The action, none of the extra bullshit you see in the newer releases... and the mature factor they included when you hit someone with an explosive.

I'd definitly say your list is better.

Getowned3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

From 1 being Good to 8 being BAD.
(1)-Call of Duty 2
(2)-Call of Duty MW
(3)-Call of Duty Black Ops
(4)-Call of Duty [email protected]
(5)-Call of Duty MW2
(6)-Call of Duty(wasn't bad,just landed here)
(7)-Call of Duty 3
(8)Call of Duty MW3(worst one yet but SP was good)

KillerBBs3507d ago

Like I always say.... Graphics get better but the games get worst. Game play can not keep up with the demand for better graphics.

Yet inter net speed are tripling and getting cheap!

Majin-vegeta3508d ago

For me COD 2&4 the rest suck IMO.

lastdual3507d ago

COD1 definitely didn't suck.

RedDead3507d ago

Meh, i'd put Blops second and then Agree

Simco8763507d ago

Black Ops before MW2? ahahhahahaha

Mikeyy3507d ago

Many people like BO because it acually was challenging. In MW2, all you needed to do was Hide once you got enough kills, for your first killstreak, then you can earn your chopper gunner / nuke hiding in some obscure corner, chaining kill streaks.

Wikkid6663507d ago

Don't forget all the glitches/exploits

neonlight453507d ago

don't forget one many army and danger close

princejb1343507d ago

dude is all about fun
my list would be
black ops
i dont care about the other ones since i didnt play them

Getowned3507d ago

MW3 ahead of Black ops what blasphemy is this!

princejb1343507d ago

thats why i said my list and the games i had more fun with
i didnt have as much fun on black ops as in mw2
i played black ops for about 7 months before i got bored
i played mw2 for 2 years till mw3 came out

Getowned3507d ago

I had more fun with black ops then MW2 or MW3(which is horrible I would rather burn my left nipple for 4 hours)

While I respect your opinion, I Dissagree!

frostypants3507d ago

BlOps had less lag, better maps, better customization, better sound...

Sizzon3507d ago

CoD 2 and CoD 4: MW are my favourite CoD games. MW3 is great, Black Ops is good. Didn't really like WaW because of the tanks and the OP MP40 in MP. And I absolutely hated MW2 because of the awful killstreaks and perks like commando pro and nuke.

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