Digital Foundry: New 360 dash borks video playback

Richard Leadbetter writes:

"Microsoft's brand new "Metro"-inspired dashboard highlights how the platform holder now sees the Xbox 360 as a multimedia playback device, just as comfortable at hosting video content as it is at running games. There's just one problem: the video player in the new interface doesn't work properly any more."

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gamingdroid4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

I never actually noticed this, but there were some complaints about this regarding Netflix app during beta as well. I ran into them in the private beta forums.

Hopefully MS will fix this, but it puzzles me. Does the new dash use a different decoder for video than the old dash? Why?

kaveti66164308d ago

Why did they delete the thread about it?

I don't think MS is going to fix this if they're actively covering it up.

jaseo4308d ago

the bug is not that hard to fix so there must be a conflict with MS's time and resources.

a better response would be -

"Hi respected beta-tester360,

good catch! Unfortunately, we won't be able to fix this for the release build, but it will be fixed in an upcoming update."

N4PS3G4308d ago

I can confirm this happens in Netflix, movies and series now look very washed out. At first I tried messing with the TV settings but then I realized that my TV was fine.

Something tells me MS will avoid this issue like the plague.

NewZealander4308d ago

i don't like the new dash at all, its so clunky, having to scroll through all those pages of adds just to figure out where videos demos etc is is just a pain in the ass.

kaveti66164308d ago


"having to scroll through all those pages..."

Wow. What an overstatement.

stiggs4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

I was the one "who reported (this) during the beta phase of the dashboard roll-out." The post garnered a lot of attention from other preview program members and it was voted "important" hundreds of times. Microsoft suggeted a workaround that actually made the issue worse. The post, as well as others dealing with this topic, was eventually deleted by the forum administrators. It appears that Microsoft is not going to address this issue anytime soon.

The image from the article is a poor representation of the problem. It is actually much worse than depicted in the photographs.

NewZealander4308d ago

i haven't noticed anything looking different on my console yet, does it affect everyone? and is it just video playback or game play too? i noticed alan wake video was kinda blocky the other night, but im pretty sure it always was.

stiggs4308d ago

It effects video playback. If you are watching a streaming video source such as Netflix you will notice that the black levels appear gray and the colors are washed out. This is especially noticable during credit sequences in which the titles are super-imposed on a black background. I realize that a lot of people don't care that much about video quality. For those that have high end displays, which have been professionally calibrated, the isssue is important.

NewZealander4308d ago

yeah i love to have the best playback i can possibly get, but i dont watch much on my 360 so i guess it wont be much of a problem to me, heck we dont even have netflix here in NZ, its a shame really, we pay more for gold but get no decent features.

gypsygib4308d ago

The new dash is sooooo much slower than the last one and Netflix is completely washed out, I have to turn my HDMI black level to 'Low' to make things look normal.

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Report suggests the UK is a console nation

Bit-Tech: Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the tide of console gamers is a cultural phenomenon which does not appear to cross every border. According to NPD's research, while the UK has the highest incidence of console usage out of all the markets analysed Germany boasts the biggest number of PC gamers.

France, meanwhile, is clinging on to dedicated hand-held consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Portable at a time when NPD's analysis shows that gamers in most other nations have ditched theirs in favour of getting their portable gaming fixes on smartphones and tablets.

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Knight_Cid4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

"when NPD's analysis shows that gamers in most other nations have ditched theirs in favour of getting their portable gaming fixes on smartphones and tablets."

you mean like japan, europe or the US where the 3ds is breaking records?

People are ditching the 3DS so fast in the US, 3ds sales have doubled over ds first year sales and the year isnt even over.

No source, no truth

who approved this garbage?

Knight_Cid4243d ago

you shouldnt be proud to approve slander

ATi_Elite4242d ago

but 250 million global online PC Gamers say other wise.

Everyone with a Gaming PC can play Wii Games so does that mean the world is a Wii Nation?

I think people just enjoy Games and it really doesn't matter the platform.

Console Nation, PC Universe, iPhone Realm, doesn't matter just enjoy your Games.

StayStatic4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Considering most PC Gamers will own 1 or more consoles , declaring the UK as a "console nation" is complete and utter bollox.

kevnb4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

owning a console and playing the occasional game once in a blue moon doesnt make you a console gamer. Just like owning a pc and maybe playing some random flash game doesnt make you a pc gamer. Alot of pc gamers bought ps3s, its a blu-ray player and media hub that plays games.

guitar_nerd_234243d ago

I'm from the UK and game on nearly every platform I can think of.

But yes in general I'm more thumbs than fingers when It comes to my games.


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LX-General-Kaos4257d ago

That is a very nice looking xbox 360.

gamingdroid4256d ago

That does look sick and the sound is even more awesome. Too bad the darn Xbox 360 is so expensive still.

LX-General-Kaos4256d ago

When the Wii U drops the xbox prices will take a serious nose dive. Hopefully they still have that particular one floating around retail.