SkyDrift Review [PIXELS OR DEATH]

Pixels or Death's Tim Hsu takes a look at SkyDrift for the PC. An excerpt:

SkyDrift takes care of all that mundanity. It leaves you with only the best of avian sensations: flying through the air. Controls are divided neatly between two hands, simplifying, but not distilling, the experience of flight. It is still as hard as flying may be, considering the space through which one flies. Maps are often varied enough to provide this diversity of experience as well: shallow desert plains that give way to an expansive oasis. Sheer canyon walls punctuated by valleys filled with weathered rock-pillars and grand archways. Active volcanoes encircling bellowing factories piked with unrepentant smokestacks.

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patrickwlindsey3807d ago

This seems like it captures the unadulterated fun that I had when playing F-Zero X or Wipeout as a kid. I'm glad to see a racer that's not trying to just be another driving sim and instead focuses on crazy fun.