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American Sales Charts: Xbox 360 Outsold PS3 at 5:3 ratio

Latest American sales from VGcharts.

1 Wii Sports - Nintendo 325,483
2 Forza Motorsport 2 - Microsoft 208,037
3 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance - Activision 201,476
4 Super Mario Galaxy - Nintendo 188,325
5 Mass Effect - Microsoft 113,856
6 Wii Play - Nintendo 112,724
7 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Activision 106,583
8 Assassins Creed - Ubisoft 102,501
9 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Activision 92,441
10 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Activision 81,408

DS 458,050
Wii 325,483
360 250,648
PS2 161,513
PSP 160,848
PS3 155,515
GBA 32,268
GC 2,545

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Ok, thanks for the pic and link :)
MK_Red6067d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(0)
Hydrollex6067d ago

not in Asia, Europe , Australia , Africa ,and south America.

People in asia, europe and australia love Sony. Nobody cares about Microsoft except Windows

solidt126067d ago (Edited 6067d ago )

North America is the only territory where the 360 is out selling the PS3. Why don't they post an Article about that. The PS3 rules the rest of the world. For now.

Edit; I got a disagree, strange. I only posted facts and I got a disagree. Information came strait from the same source as this article. Since you disagree look for yourself.

WilliamRLBaker6067d ago

Without numbers from most of the regions mentioned ill just say (insert here) is outselling (insert here).....

you dont even have the numbers half the time for the regions you mentioned, and last i checked, UK 360 outselling ps3 most of the time, Australia,Asia...ect all 360 outselling ps3 and 360 has more total sales with ps3 needed another year of constant sales to catch up.....

FF7numba16067d ago

lol ps3 definately is outselling xbox in most parts of the world. I can't believe my country doesn't wanna get with the program. Oh wait yes I can, we're still saving and waiting.

Snukadaman6067d ago

the first year of xbox 360 in NA it was at 3 million. ohh xbox hit a half a million recently...but everyone knows how terrible it does in japan.

Genuine6066d ago

North America makes up roughly half the videogame market.

HarryEtTubMan6066d ago (Edited 6066d ago )

haha it wont always be this way though... realize the PS3 is still 400$ at its cheapest.... almost doubling the price of the junkbox and the Wii.... In a year or two the PS3 will also be 250$ and below with a huge catalogue of games and Blu Ray ans sale like that for 5-7 more years. Just like the PS2 will be on the market 2-3 more years.

Good job PS3.

You're a FOOL... The PS3 isn't on Microsofts little schedule... your saying the PS3 will be in thrid place at the end of this generation after the PS3 first year.... that make you a MORON. Sony just said again a day ago that the PS3 will be out 10 YEARS. LOL. Think what u want but the PS3 is going to EASILY outsell the junkbox in the next 10 years... ut wont take 10 years either. What are they lieing and dont really mean it? Shut up fool the PS3 is already keeping up at a 400$ price with no huge hitter until next year. iTS THE END OF THE FIRST INNING. Xbox 180 will be last this generation. Mark my words

The junkbox wont even be out in 4-5 years muhc less 8-10. hahaha You will lose. You already are EVERY COUNTRY except hometown. Sont just said two days ago the PS3 is going the way of the PS2. Sales have picked up and its only 400$ now kid. It will win in the long run EASY.

Genuine6066d ago

If the ps3 ever passes the 360, it will be years from now. If the ps3 outsold the 360 by 100,000 a month for the next 5 years it would just be catching up. Regardless of the spin sony fanboys put on this website, it's safe to say the ps3 will be in 3rd place at the start of the next generation of consoles. In the grand scheme of things, sony will consider the ps3 a success because they managed to shove blu-ray up millions of peoples a*ses. So you sony fanboys shouldn't feel bad, everything is going as sony planned.

sonarus6066d ago

sony is still catching up but they are closing the gap however that gap needs to close faster. PS3 will outsell wii again when big titles hit, gran turismo, dmc4, mgs4, yakuzae e.t.c.. Ps3 has already over taken in europe and should overtake in uk soon. However they need america a lot more than you think. 5:3 isnt that bad i remember when it was 3:1 then again this is vgchartz

unlimited6066d ago (Edited 6066d ago )

Europe is the biggest video game market and PS3 is outselling the 360 by few thousands there..Also the Sony PS3 sold another 180k or more in Japan in 4 weeks of NOV and 360 sold 1k or 2k every week there..In India i think it sold half a million PS3s there already..Why do fanboys pretend like the PS3 isn't catching up because its happening right in front of their eyes right now..

PS3PCFTW6066d ago (Edited 6066d ago )

lets study ratios again.

2:1.5 is the real number. LETS NOT FORGET REPLACEMENT sure those fall right in there. i mean its not like microsoft is honest about things right? creating false numbers is right up hddvd,and the zunes alley.LOL.

that number is getting really small........wasnt it 3:1 or 6:2(if you like big numbers like the writer of this article) couple of months ago?theyre almost neck to neck NOW............even with the 360's graveyard of "exclusive" titles.

to really put things in perspective, whats gonna happen when all the games everyone wants for ps3 start coming out in 08?ohh yeah lets not forget the 360 will have gow2 and halo3.5(720p version)....and haalo wars, and halorpg and then haloracing then halo sports in 08 as well. next year will be very interesting.

360 owner's confidence is dropping faster than 360s dropping to the rrod virus. as is the 1 year lead advantage.
expect the ratio to be equal by christmas.........hell ps3 might even take the lead.

One thing is for certain, 360 is king of malfunctioning hardware. That crown can never be taken away from microshaft. Youd think with all the cash they take from live users, they would have fixed it long ago...or maybe they planned it this way all along in order to simulate like theyre moving consoles by the boatload. WHEN ACTUALLY THEYRE JUST REPLACING THE RRODS AND COUNTING REPLACED UNITS AS SALES....then again thats like asking microshaft to release a fully functional operating system not lie about hddvd and not SIMULATE PUBLIC INTEREST IN THE ZUNE.

WHATS EVEN FUNNIER IS YOU XBOTS ARE ALL OVER THIS ANTIPS3 NEWS........but EVADE by all costs a thread which shows how worried you xbots really are. ILL reinforce my statement, 360 is done after 2008. save your money for a new console.

here is the thread which shows a xbots fear.......

the fear of their allmighty 360 not being capable of going toe2toe with a superior ps3.

You can bash me or dig up any questionable dirt on anything, but by you denying facts and avoiding threads as the one i linked shows how well aware you guys are of the 360s inability to keep up with the ps3.

Consider your 1 year head start useless.

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Blademask6067d ago (Edited 6067d ago )


PS3 owners, dont fall for the bait.

The 360 is selling well...

Does that make UT3 come out any earlier for the 360?


WilliamRLBaker6067d ago

no it will just make ut3 have extra dev time on 360 and be better then the ps3 version oh and haze will then get released for

Blademask6067d ago

Great! then we can all enjoy games!

Isn't that the point?

You definitely were one of the zealots I spoke of. I'm glad that your ignorance and defend-a-system colors are clear though. Try owning more than 1 system next time.

joydestroy6067d ago

haha yeah i can't wait to get UT3 for my PS3. some say it won't move any consoles, but i think it will.

Genuine6066d ago (Edited 6066d ago )

How old are you? Also how many N4G accounts do you have?

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m91058266067d ago

why do people keep using vgchartz as a reliable source?

WilliamRLBaker6067d ago

it might be that month after month npd data is not far off...oh and its all you have, when you have no offer avenue you use the sources available.

ry-guy6066d ago

Yup, I agree.

Bioware has said on their forums the Mass Effect number is wrong.

Gee. Go figure, VG Charts wrong!?

I just wish people would stop using these unoffical sources as the gospel.

The Karate Kid6067d ago

Vchartz think there slick and they are so gay.

PS3 Outsells 360 In Europe by 50,000 Units

PS3 Outsells 360 In japan by 50,000 Units

360 Outsell PS3 In North America by 100,000 Units lol

So in the end every week it's dead even. This is bullcrap 360 is not outselling PS3 by that much on a week to week basis. Liesssssssss

Ps3 is outselling 360 by far more units in Europe, PS3 is outselling 360 in Japan by Far More units, and 360 is outselling PS3 by far LESS units in North America. Reality is that PS3 is gaining worldwide market share on 360 on a week to week basis by a 100,000 units and VG Chartz does not want you to know that!

Rick James6066d ago

I dont know how accurate VGChartZ is. But NPD isn't accurate either. They dont include all data for all retailers. It's impossible to know the sales figures for each region and be anywhere close to 100% correct. People use VGChartZ as a reference because there is no other valid source out there on the internet that tracks sales on a worldwide basis.

For you to say that VgChartZ is lying because you want the PS3 to sell more than the 360 is hilarious. Instead of spreading lies and making up your own sales stats, try providing a reliable source to back up your numbers.

Total sales in Japan show PS3 > 360
Total sales in Europe/Other show PS3 > 360
Total sales in US show 360 > PS3

Biggest market for videogames is the US. So as has been the norm on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis the 360 outsells the PS3 worldwide when you combine all sales. Want to know something else. The Wii has outsold the 360 and PS3 combined over the past year.

I have no issue with who sells more to be honest. I think we all need to stop crying foul everytime we see a sales figure that doesnt favor our console of choice. Stop spinning numbers and accept that the US favors the Wii>360>PS3 in that order.

ry-guy6066d ago (Edited 6066d ago )

I don't agree with Prime's number but the point is right.

VG Charts is not anything close to an official source.

The NPD gets paid to go out and survey retailers to determine the correct sales numbers. It is the NPD's job to get as close as possible to 100%. Companies will use the NPD's data to make future decisions. Companies will use the NPD's data for their own press releases.

When a video game company comes out and uses VG Charts's data in an official statement for one of their decisions then I'll believe it as legitimate. All this site does is add fuel to the fanboy fire.

Rick James6066d ago (Edited 6066d ago )

Thank you for responding the way you did. I think this site would be better off if more people gave rational opinions like you just did.

In response to your post. All this article accomplishes is a gigantic flame war. But isn't that what all these articles do? I come here for news first. A good debate second. You will hard pressed to find any news item on here that everybody agree's on. I would rather argue about sales figures true or false than Blu-Ray/HD-DVD, Michael Bay, or anything else non game related.

Optimus Prime 2008 is entitled to an opinion like everybody else. But he has been reduced to that 1 bubble because all he does is spread FUD. I only own 1 of the 3 next gen consoles. So I have my preferences, but you wont catch me on here blindly defending my console of choice and spreading lies. He just needs to keep things real and keep the fanboy antics to a minimum.

Edit: Wow the Phantom Disagree strikes again. I got 2 Phantom Disagree's for asking if the HD-DVD add on for the 360 could do native 1080P and DVD upscaling in a different article. It's so lame to disagree without leaving a comment. They need to change the rules of this site to require people to state the reason why they take bubbles and hit disagree. Whoever is doing this BS grow some NUTTS and tell me why you disagree next time.