Playstation Vita - New Trailer

Sony released a new PS VITA video showing features and games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss or Resistance: Burning Skies

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rexbolt3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

..............o.0 noting seems new lol XD touch screen been there done that. it says modnation races is the only game u can creat lvs LOL! wow i even seen a face raiders rip off LOL!

remanutd553213d ago

uh ? 2 analog sticks ? cross game chat on portable consoles ? full psn online functionality ? trophies on portable consoles? cross platform multiplayer between ps3 and vita ? continuos play from ps3 to vita ? rear touch screen play ? if im not mistaken theres no other portable machine on the market that offers all that , is it?

rexbolt3213d ago

so a handheld neer had online lol XD ds had online come on yeah der som enew useless thing lke the rear touch pad continuos play to ps3 to vita will just get neglected use onece or maybe tiwce it is life time XD as i said noting seems new my opinion so yeah

fear883213d ago

Ironic because when the Vita launches, it will have more games out than the 3ds will by next february.

remanutd553213d ago

FULL psn online functionality ( something the psp never had ) , that includes psn friend list , trophies , psn apps , properly use of remote play , the only thing the vita wont support is playstation home but other than that it will have the online support psp never had , continuous play is something really kool ,the ability to talk/message our ps3 friends when not using the ps3 is something really kool too

JoeReno3213d ago


Its hard to type with those big troll fingers huh?

GribbleGrunger3213d ago

Rexbolt, go put your closet light on, it's time for bed

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JoeReno3213d ago

Troll screams for food.

Spitfire_Riggz3213d ago

.... -_-

Let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll

MasterCornholio3213d ago

He was going to get his sweetroll back. But then he took an arrow in the knee.


Rageanitus3213d ago

Sure it does not bring anything new... but it does bring one important thing that does matter. Dual analog sticks.

At least they are not charging for basic things that you pay on Xbox Live.

tarbis3213d ago

you're trying too hard, not even a dumb monkey will believe you.

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remanutd553213d ago

im really excited to know more about Resistance Burning Skies , how many player will it support online ? modes ? challenges ? co op online play ? man i cant freaking wait !!!!

zielocz3k3213d ago

yes, check on youtube vita e3 trailer, u can see resistance: burning skies multiplayer footage for like 2 seconds :)

remanutd553213d ago

i know it has multiplayer but i wanna know more about it

zielocz3k3213d ago

we have to wait :( i hope it's at least 10 on 10

PshycoNinja3213d ago

I am looking forward to Resistance too! It looks so good. I also look forward to Killzone and the eventual RPG's that will come to the system.

This will be one of the best systems ever!!!

remanutd553213d ago

how my ps3 friends will look under my name if im playing Resistance Burning Skies and im online using my vita? will it say :
resistance burning skies or ps vita ?

xX-Jak-Xx3213d ago

maybe the the Dualshock controller icon will change to PSVita icon
maybe like this

Fullmetalevolust3213d ago

"Voice chat during gameplay, even if you're not playing the same game." Yes Sony, yes.

NellyNel_7_1_33213d ago

will the ps vita have face time as one of its feature? i think i remember reading that somewhere...

Logan8323213d ago

I was just about to pick up a 3DS. Now I cannot decide between the two. I just might have to buy both!

CptFlashHeart3213d ago

I've recently bought a 3DS, but can honestly say after pondering a Vita for a while (mainly cos of the price tag) I am now totally sold and have pre ordered it!

Just have both lol..

Logan8323213d ago

I think both is the best way to go.

The 3DS will have a nice library of games; Mario Kart, Mario 3d Land, Animal Crossing, Zelda:OOT, Super Smash Brothers, Paper Mario, Mario Party, and a confirmed non-remake Zelda game. People rag on them being "kids" games, but they are just so fun.

In all honesty, I am buying the Vita more for multimedia, PS3 cross-compatibility, PSN/store, and PS1 games rather than Vita games. Have at least 10 PS1 games on my PS3. The Vita is so much more beefy in terms of hardware/specs.

kcuthbertson3213d ago

I own a 3DS and pre-ordered the Vita too. The 3DS has gotten a lot better since it's library has had time to build. Especially at the $169 price point.

I really wish the PSV was out by Christmas though.

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