PlayStation Store Preview – December 13th, 2011: The Last of It

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in PSLS' weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed content, as well as a look into the future in their coming soon section. - PSLS

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Sev3513d ago

So many retail titles lately.

ftwrthtx3512d ago

Makes me glad I have a 500GB HD

consolez_FTW3512d ago

Makes me weep that I have a 40GB HD with only 10 gigs left :(...I think this Christmas I'll have to upgrade to a 500GB HD like everyone else, so I can fit all the PS store content I buy and games I play.

consolez_FTW3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

aww crap double post..
*Ignore this*

guitarded773512d ago

Wake me when Trine 2 comes out.

irepbtown3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I had 80gb, only got 15gb left and thats after clearing all unwanted things such as games i've played and sold (the saved data etc).

I think LBP and Ratchet n Clank are taking most space since I got them free after the problem with PSN. Defnitely worth it though.

And then I want to get Splinter Cell HD collection just makes me cry. I'll run out of space soon. I seriously need to get a 320gb.

guitarded773512d ago

I went from and 80 to a 320... I have since upgraded to a 750. If you're gonna do it, go big. There isn't a huge price difference between the 320 and 750 and you should be good all the way through next gen.

irepbtown3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Didn't even know you could get that much GB.

Do you buy a hard drive for PS3 or something?

ftwrthtx3511d ago


It's a standard size laptop hard drive. SATA 7500RPM

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FACTUAL evidence3512d ago

Still waiting for my Bioshock, tekken, call of duty, soul calibur, and resistance 3 avi's!! XD

cervantes2403513d ago

I may want to try the KOFXIII demo. I've never really played a game in the series before.

decimalator3512d ago

Man, Red Faction Armageddon was such a let down. RF Guerilla was a great game, it was a pseudo open world, you could do whatever you wanted and just run around bashing things with a hammer. RFA was practically an on-rails shooter where you could destroy a few buildings. I think they fucked up majorly somewhere during development and had to push out an inferior product to try to get a little bit of that investment back. And look what happened -- critical and commercial failure, and the end of the franchise.

JonnyBigBoss3512d ago

I'm loving the updates lately.

doctorstrange3512d ago

Good to see a lot of full games coming out. Now only if they brought the price down.

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The story is too old to be commented.