Soul Calibur Guest Characters: Timeline

An in depth look into the Soul series and their history of guest characters spanning 12 characters, 7 games and 14 years.

Bonus Soul Calibur guest character wallpaper included!

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thejessbee2536d ago

Nice! Great in depth look dude!

masterabbott2536d ago

toally agree amazing job on this article.

futurefrog2536d ago

Yep it was very in depth

futurefrog2536d ago

Great read. I can't wait for Ezio Auditore da Firenze to make his appearance in Soul Calibur V. Resquiat en Pace fighters!

masterabbott2536d ago

Yes i agree he will a perfect fit into any fighting game he has soo many skills and weapons up hit sleave.

futurefrog2536d ago

Yes the video of Ezio on the article is so epic!!

trendor2536d ago

I like when he is fighting in the trailer was cool

koga882536d ago

Woah.. Kos Mos was in a Soul Calibur title? I never even knew she made any cameos outside of the xenogears series.

Qwerty912536d ago

You wouldn't expect it hey. lol

LinkageAX2536d ago

Is Xenogears a part of the Xenosaga story? I always thought they were separate series'.

koga882536d ago

Woops, meant to say Xenosaga. Yeah they are entirely separate.

Qwerty912535d ago

I didn't even notice he said Xenogears. lmao

masterabbott2536d ago

An amazing article so much work has gone into this .. this is something that all soul calibur fans should check out

trendor2536d ago

Soul calibur is better than tekken

Qwerty912535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Soul Calibur Vs Tekken...I honestly don't know which I'd rather. I like Soul's fighting system more but Tekken has way better characters.

But then again, I think Tekken has more strategy to it, it's a bit easy to end up button mashing in Calibur sometimes, but that's half the fun I guess. lol