Origin 40% off Storewide Is Available Now

Origin's 40% off store wide sale is now live. Get 40% off almost everything for today only.

Titles include 40% off BF3, Need for Speed, Batman Arkham City and Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

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Canary4004d ago

Nintendo DS tag? Wii? PS3? Isn't Origin a PC digital-delivery service ala Steam, but with godawful, invasive DRM?

caboose324004d ago

Actually I believe Origin sells physical copies of console games too, so this sale goes towards those also.

ScubbaSteve4004d ago

Don't forget the part where if you complain about a game and get banned on their forums you lose all the games you purchased for the duration of your ban.

awi59514004d ago

I will never trust EA with digital content those server closing assholes. They lock you out of your games and make them useless. Real publishers let people keep their own servers up or let you play P2P EA just screws us and bricks your games forever.

Newsman4004d ago

US does console games also. Australia and Asia does not.

Persistantthug4004d ago

But did any of you notice that Origin is now selling BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY?

This means that EA is ramping up to compete directly against Steam and other Download services.

Personally, I think it's great.
More stores = better for everybody. :)

Pandamobile4004d ago

They also have THQ and Capcom titles.

Pandamobile4004d ago

No, I've got no problems with Origin as a service. While I'll always love and prefer Steam, I'm not one of those anti-Origin radicals you see all over the place.

Chrono4004d ago

Country-based pricing, huh? Most of their games are still 50 euros ($66)... I'm not going to buy anything from there.