Ono "keen" on more collaborations assuming TKxSF success

VG247: If all goes well with the release of Tekken x Street Fighter, as well as Street Fighter x Tekken, another collaboration is a no-brainer for Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono, telling VG247 he’d be “keen” for it.

Majin-vegeta4376d ago

MK X Tekken.

I wanna see sub-zero rip kazuyas spine out.

Rynx4376d ago

All I want is just a Street Fighter game with all the characters and dim sum.

Adolph Fitler4376d ago

Capcom Vs Tekken Vs Marvel Vs Soul Calibre would be the ultimate, screw giving us 5 different versions of SF4 or MvC3. Throw every character from these games in & if possible add in Virtual Fighter, Fighting Vipers, Rival Schools characters.
For me, this is the only way to elevate fighters these days, as all the rest seems to have been done. So maximum characters & almagamation of multiple fighter series is the only way to go, as well as making the enviroments more interactive. In fact, MK vs DC was the last fighter I played that really impressed me with enviromental perks, like breaking not through one wall at a time, but running smashing a character through 5 or 6 walls, it also had the DOA smash em through the ground thing which is another awesome feature that Tekken should have copied & bettered years ago.

I will be buying the Tekken Vs Streetfighter, as it will take the Tekken control & psuedo 3D approach, which Tekken is my fave fighter of all time for these reasons as well as the awesome graphics, wicked characters & styles, as well as those high impact moves & sound effects to suit. The sounds fx in the Tekken series are just on another level to other fighters. So while MK is probably my fave fighter this gen for being the most original, innovative & fresh in it execution (no pun intended), Tekken is my fave series & I can't wait to get my copy of Tekken Hybrid for Xmas (ordered from playasia & promised wife the kids could give it to me for xmas along with Skyrim, suck is it's sitting here in postage box tempting me to play).


Street Fighter X Tekken - A Look Back at the Franchise's Biggest Misfire

With Street Fighter 6 now upon us, it's time to look back at some classic Street Fighter titles, beginning with Street Fighter X Tekken.

boing1177d ago

It was a cool gamble imo. In reality, everyone were waiting for Namco version, Tekken X Street Fighter.

Ryuha1234h177d ago

I don’t know. I enjoyed this game. I thought it was a great crossover.

TricksterArrow177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Yep, played very little of it, but from what I played, it was serviceable enough. Could've been better? Yes, but then again, you can say that about pretty much anything.

maniacmayhem177d ago

What killed this game was their planned reliance on GaaS with the whole gem system. It made little sense and made the game extremely unbalanced. Not to mention the unbalance of most of the characters, especially on the Tekken side

Sgt_Slaughter177d ago

Ahhh the game that Capcom had DLC on the disc on release yet you had to pay to unlock it


Tekken X Street Fighter Is Not Dead Confirms Katsuhiro Harada

The reports of Tekken X Street Fighter's death have been greatly exaggerated and the game's director, Katsuhiro Harada, isn't too thrilled about the mistake.

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Elda892d ago

It hasn't come to pass for 2 generations now,seems dead to me.

CobraKai892d ago

Yeah. It’s dead unless they show something new.

UnSelf892d ago

This thing just wont die. What will it take goddamn it

Jericho1337892d ago

That didn’t stop Kazuya, why would it stop this? 😉

Vanfernal892d ago

A person in vegetative state is technically not dead either...

hombreacabado892d ago

you will all eat your words when tekken vs street fighter releases in 2032!

MasterChief3624892d ago

My dad is Katsuhiro Harada, and I can confirm they are shooting for a 2032 release date. How did you find this information, though? I've kept very tight-lipped.

hombreacabado891d ago

an assortment of black magic algorithms and a team of mathematicians allowed me to deduce the actual release date.

purple101892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

"the game's director, Katsuhiro Harada, "

The game actually has a director. Don't know whether to laugh or cry - what the hell has he been doing ?

shadowhaxor892d ago

Tekken 7, a ton of Tekken 7 DLC and now the Tekken 8 that's "rumored" in development.

I know this game is dead, they just refuse to let it die in peace.