THQ Needs to Let Go of the WWE License

The number of wrestling fans grows in numbers each year. Even though the WWE is taking the "sport" in a different, more kid-friendly direction, people of all ages still enjoy certain characters. This generates buzz for a video game, especially to the young supporters of WWE. For the last 15 years, THQ has had the license for the WWE/WWF games going back to the PS1 and Nintendo 64, and also had the WCW license prior to that.

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DC19802776d ago

Less WWE games, more New Japan/All Japan/NOAH games

nighmare232776d ago

They need to let someone else make a wwe game........... thq wwe games are getting old.........

nevin12776d ago

Amen. Here Comes The Pain(2003) was there last great work.

NellyNel_7_1_32776d ago

TNA need to shine by getting a second chance in the ring with another wrestling game...

nevin12775d ago

how was the 1st game?

NellyNel_7_1_32775d ago

it was alright even though i never i had it... My friend had it for the xbox 360... It was different than the WWE Smackdown vs Raw series... It got old real fast due to the lack of gameplay modes, caw option and wrestlers... It is real cheap right now for the xbox 360 and ps3... I just hope that TNA can make another wrestling game I am so sick of the WWE series wrestling games...

lumley6662774d ago

The WWE games ain't the best but I still really enjoy them. Love all the creating modes, I spend hours lol and compared to the tna game its amazing. The tna game was dam awful. Prob the worst wrestling game in history. It lacked in everything u cudnt even do reverse grapples lol