OXCGN’s Serious Sam 3: BFE Review: A Not-So-Serious Throwback To The Glory Days


"There once was a time where games were solely about the gameplay.

Yes, although a crazy notion, some call those days the epitome of the shooter genre.

We didn’t need angsty cyber punks in World War I trench coats or a super soldier in military squads to make us enjoy a character. Environments? Unnecessary. Visuals? Not that important.

Only three things were necessary: guns, ammo, and enemies.
Serious Sam 3: BFE is a not-so-serious throwback to these days, and every single moment of it is something to be savored."

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gaminoz2926d ago

Can't wait for this on consoles. Anyone know a release date besides 2012 for PAL territories?

BadCircuit2926d ago

I have always loved the Serious Sam games, they were just pure fun and it looks like this game is the same.

Belgavion2926d ago

Wasn't sure about this after a few of the previews I'd read but sounds like it turned out ok