Top 10 Flopped Video Games On PC So Far

There have been so many games in the industry that were overhyped. In the end they went on to become such huge flops that their names will never been forgotten just due to the fact that these were a combination of both commercial and critical failures.

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radler3095d ago

This article (spread out over numerous pages to maximize clicks) is a joke. Apparently all of these games are both critical and commercial failures, and yet the writer even points out how Diablo 3 (number 1 on the list) was the best-selling PC game the year of its release and broke various sales records (selling 12 million copies in first year).

How does that constitute a commercial failure, exactly?

Apparently the author does not know, since their reasoning for Diablo 3 being the number 1 flop on PC so far is this mess of broken English:

"And if looks for the game play and different actions, legendary items are sometimes worse than rare items and also the gold rate is very low you need lots of gold to get the items from the market. Also online connection requirement can cause some serious frustrations, weapon system flies in the face of traditional RPG logic. One of the most annoying thing is ­disconnection from server will ends the game and you have to start over."

Was this written by a 12 year old? What a garbage website.

born_naughty3095d ago

Unfortunately I see lots of articles like this lately, where you can't even figure out what the text is supposed to mean.

LordMaim3095d ago

Wow. This was a terrible article. WTF/No, sir.

MasterCornholio3095d ago

Dang Diablo 3 as a commercial failure?

Now that's just stupid on so many levels that it isn't funny.

Nerdmaster3095d ago

"(ESRB) had listed entries forLimbo for the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, Playdead confirmed that this was a mistake on ESRB’s part, and that they had no plans for the game on these systems"

Limbo is on Steam......

Ace Killa 083095d ago

Read the article and first thought that comes to mind

"God dammit!! I f***ing gave them a site visit count"

What a piece of sh*t article. Might as well include all kickstarter games and the cheap ones found in walmarts PC game section.

wiggles3095d ago

The site visit count thought is the worst feeling I get when I see the multiple pages haha.

Ace Killa 083095d ago

Also seriously we can't report the guy who submitted this nor the people who approved it. How the hell can we get quality articles on N4G?

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