The new Xbox dashboard: complete guide

OXM UK: We've run through the new Xbox dash and answered the most common questions about the new features.

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dirigiblebill2925d ago

I like the new layout, but I wish XBLA was more obvious.

BuffMordecai2925d ago

Yeah, you have to dig to find it, and then they took away the separate A-Z search for just Arcade games.

Micro_Sony2925d ago

The metro thing is really working for MS and they way that they are implemting it on every MS deveice is sweet.

Love controlling Live with my W7P!

Also for the people who dont not have a W7P MS has released an app for the iOS, not as good as the one on the windows phone but it does the basic stuff.

AliTheBrit4202925d ago

Anyone else notice

The "Home" square thing

Which shows your game etc.

Like at least 2/3rds of it, advertisements to buy other things.

blackstrr4112925d ago

It confused me at first but I've gotten a hang of it today. I cudnt locate where to change themes at first

GrieverSoul2925d ago

Can you please tell me where to find it?
I cant seem to find the theme section anywhere...

BuffMordecai2925d ago

That was a real pain at first. You have to go to the social tab and move over your avatar, then hit A, then you should get a menu allowing to change your theme.

kma2k2925d ago

Yea ive been looking for this to, please post if you find it.

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