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GameBlurb writes, "Prepare to die. Dark Souls’s ominous slogan became an excellent marketing tool and led to really exciting trailers and pre-release content. A spiritual sequel to the masochistic hardcore gamer’s dream, Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls promised to be an even more difficult and engaging experience. So how does it stack up to the hype?"

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NovusTerminus2921d ago

IT would have been mine, but they focused to much on the PvP. I can't co-op with anyone in the game.

Kos-Mos2921d ago

Strange. Playing on the box perhaps? PS3 players is normally much more adult and helpful.

NovusTerminus2921d ago

I am on the PS3, just can't find anyone to work with, which sucks because I love the gameplay, just not a fan of PvP.

h311rais3r2921d ago

@ kosmos

Don't be such an ignorant fanboy. I have have more bad experiences by getting hacked to pieces by ps3 players just being dueches. Especially during smough and dragonslayer.

Kos-Mos2921d ago

Got the Platinum trophy two weeks ago. If I play a game for that trophy, it`s a fantastic game. Normally I don`t spend too much time with games since I like to move on after one or two playthroughs.