Final Fantasy VI: A Look Back After 17 Years

Alexa Ray Corriea writes about the timelessness of Final Fantasy VI in celebration of the game's release on the PlayStation Network today.

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SephirothX212924d ago

Put's XIII to shame. Where did the talent in Square go to?

NovusTerminus2924d ago

Still there. But they have put to much of a focus of "Westernizing" their games.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2924d ago

IMHO "Westernizing" can' t explain completely SE lineup this gen.

Sure Westernizing is hell deleterious ( damn it! ), but there is more, SE really have lost talent.

miyamoto2924d ago

FF VI is one of the few RPGs I ever finished thrice. The others are Phantasy Star IV and Chrono Trigger.

darfreeze2924d ago

Still one of the best RPGs I played.

GT_Ken2924d ago

Not "one of"...I've maintained for 17 years that FFVI is simply the best GAME ever released. What it accomplished 17 years ago eclipses what some games accomplish now, with better tech, and larger teams.

I am yet to play a game that matches the overall quality, or experience, that was FFVI.

ikkokucrisis2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I loved all the FF's on NES and SNES. Once they transitioned on to the Disc based systems they focused more on CG cutscenes than GamePlay.

Never really liked the FF series as much after that (FF8 had really good CG's though).

Xenogears remains to be my all time fav JRPG.

Nate-Dog2924d ago

Bought this the week it came out on the EU PSN a number of months ago, haven't really gotten anywhere with it though unfortunately. Maybe when the heap of releases eases off again I'll get down to it (not complaining about having plenty of games to play though!).

monkeybizz2924d ago

Still have my launch cart ! Love this game.