Workaround for PS3 Back to Karkand Issues and 360 BF3 Patch Dated

MP1st - "DICE’s Daniel Matros has suggested a temporary fix for joining Back to Karkand matches on the PS3 and dated the patch for Xbox 360."

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Mister_V3375d ago

I was hoping to get the 360 patch before B2K but it's all good I guess. 13th will be a nutty day!

BattleTorn3375d ago

Are we talking about a second patch? Cause I got a patch on Xbox 360 over a week ago.

Hufandpuf3375d ago

that patch wasn't by DICE, it was by microsoft.

Majin-vegeta3375d ago

I can't download B2K what gives??

Criminal3375d ago

It's live only in EU and Australia. It'll come out on PSN NA later on today.

BeaArthur3375d ago

Sweet, now we will get our chance to have the ridiculous patch that the PS3 got where you can see tank mines on the mini map and air vehicles are unbalanced. I'd rather just not get any balance related patches until they figure this crap out.

Flashwave_UK3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

LMFAO looool špinavá špinavá kostky EA suck :how the foax deleted my comment america noooob

Hufandpuf3375d ago

Matros explained “at the moment, they´re included in the map rotation with vanilla [maps]“

WTF they should have been figured that out already! It isn't hard to take down vanilla servers and switch the maps the B2K maps. And why put them in quick match rotations? That means that people that bought it used will be kicked out of the game because they have no control over what maps they play next. AND ON TOP OF THAT, Quick match should have been patched to search for B2K maps.

I'm glad PS3 got it first so they can work out the kinks for the Xbox 360 version beforehand. I know they are working on it, but this is unacceptable this far past launch.

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