EDGE - Need For Speed: The Run review

The notion that playing games is a waste of your time is nonsense, of course, but unfortunately 
Need For Speed: The Run lets the side down. 
Stuffed with a procession of long-winded loading sequences, protracted menu flipping and unskippable cutscenes, it often feels like there’s as much watching 
as there is playing. Time wasted, in other words.

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Focus2928d ago

Looool! Well deserved for releasing 3 NFS games in the space of 12 months.

DJMarty2928d ago

Edge reviewers are total morons

NFS: The Run is easily a 8/10

brettyd2928d ago

id give it a 6-7 personally.

ColinZeal2928d ago

I give the game 9/10 for the arcady fun racing. This with a G27. I just wish EA had the balls to scrap the horrible cutscenes and the QT-events. I wanted less of those, more of the driviing. Really enjoying the driving here.

Severly underrated game here.

BlackTar1872928d ago

Only thing i hate about this game are load times

pucpop2928d ago

This game is jobbies. Hot Pursuit is amazing.