Top 5 Cool Online Car Racing Games

You come to right place to know about Top 5 Cool Online Car Racing Games. These "Top 5" are asked from different gamers of different countries and then we create the list of Top 5 Car Games. Remember these games are listed Single-player and Multi-player both. Here is the list:

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Matt6661476d ago

Burnout Paradise, enough said.

Immorals1476d ago

Revenge is better any day, shame the online is as dead as a dodo :(

pop_tarts1476d ago

Have to agree with Matt here

Rebel_Scum1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Wow 4/5 games listed are Need for Speed games. Nice variety...not.

Personally I would add Daytona USA. When that was released on xbox live there was a fairly decent community playing this game.