Star Wars: The Old Republic: PC Performance, Benchmarked

Tom's Hardware looks at the performance of the upcoming Star Wars MMO.

Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t a resource hog, but it does require a respectable amount of graphics muscle to enjoy at its highest settings. Our testing shows that the game in its current state favors AMD cards, though it remains to be seen how much optimization AMD and Nvidia are able to put in before it goes live later this month.

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ATi_Elite2924d ago

SW:Tor is pretty PC friendly just like WoW.

They are not going for the Graphics Crown held by Metro 2033, Crysis 2 DX11, STALKER Complete Mod, GTAIV ICe Mod or BF3!

They want a wide range of PC's to be able to play it just like Skyrim and most likely the LAST AAA MMO that is PC friendly cause the Next Gen MMo's are pumping up the graphics volume a bit.

fluffydelusions2924d ago

I hear it's actually somewhat demanding when compared to WoW.

ECM0NEY2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Yeah it was in beta bc the graphic settings were bugged.

In beta:

After reading the article its clear Tom didnt know about the bug. Also tons of high res textures were left out of the beta build so it was a smaller download size.

Bay2924d ago

Mine runs great until I go to Coruscant. From 40-60 FPS it dips straight to the 20's and sometimes below. Then when I zone into a different area it goes back up.

But overall it runs okay.

ninjahunter2924d ago

I see that MMO's are cutting toaster support. This is an outrage!

Mutley4162924d ago

this site should do more tom`s hardware stuff...they are well written...but AMD sucks...and i would not buy a 2gig 6970 over a 570geforce 1g...the 570 is the bigger dog with a better bite imo...and for the most part the same price bout 350$-400$...and will having a 6 core cpu(3930,3960) help out the cards any? and only 4 gigs of ram on that 2500...why not at least 8 or 16?

i think things will change when the final game gets a patch or 2...

but i`m looking toward setting it on the high settings and doing some Sith Hunting...

ECM0NEY2924d ago

Tom's is going down hill IMO.

Did you read the article? He actually said SoE was a SOLID developer. Umm... What? Not since EQ...

DarkBlood2924d ago

damn i sworn i was looking at the cover of the first game and not the mmo one lol