Server Blacklists Coming to BF3 "in the Coming Weeks"

In a recent live Q&A with Battlefield 3 fans, the game’s producer Fredrik Löving was asked about when a server blacklist feature will be added to the game. A server blacklist of course enables players to block servers that don’t suit their playing style.

Löving didn’t give an exact date, but revealed that BF3 players can look forward to the feature getting added to the game in the coming weeks.

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EddyD2928d ago

I watched it all, just wish it was more interesting.

sovietsoldier2928d ago

YES! just wish dice would ban cheating servers and those that violate tos then making me have to blacklist them.

zeroreloaded2928d ago

these hackers and cheaters really piss me off.

Sucitta2927d ago

I have yet to come across hacking or cheating in B3 dedicated servers, so please, wtf are you talking about?

zeroreloaded2924d ago

your an idiot...why don't you google battlefield 3 hacking.