Skyrim's Broken Ambition | Feature |

7outof10 writes: "...its ambition is limited and bested by an elderly relative; yet another flaw in a game that contains numerous shortcomings that would undoubtedly not be tolerated if attached to a lesser-heralded series. It is another roleplaying game with little significant roleplaying, another emperor’s new clothes, and Skyrim is thoroughly naked."

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bwazy2931d ago

Late review to the scene is trollin.

manuel_garcia2931d ago

It's not a review, it's an argued opinion piece?

josephps32931d ago

I know! I had a hard time understanding what points if any the article was trying to make. I thought it was written in Russian and poorly translated or something lol

Andor_Trask2931d ago

^everyone above, except manuel_garcia, is a complete idiot.
This article was great. He brought to light everything that I have been troubled by in Skyrim. Loved this post.

000000000000000000012931d ago

You learn to play the game as it was designed, not how you think it should play. Your a complete idiot!

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