HD DVD told: 'you're missing the boat'

Asher Moses reports on the state of HD/DVD and Blu Ray in Australia:

Paul Uniacke, managing director of the Franchise Entertainment Group, which owns Video Ezy and Blockbuster in Australia, said the local roll-out of HD DVD had been too slow as its supporters did not see Australia as an important market compared with the US and Europe.

The trend in player sales is consistent with sales of HD movies. More than 102,000 Blu-ray movies have been sold to date, as against just under 18,000 HD DVD movies.

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Zhuk6021d ago

HD DVD's presence and marketing in Australia has been nothing short of terrible, while the Blu-Ray camp has spent millions ensuring their format wins. It's so bad most Australians don't even know what HD DVD is, but if you ask someone what Blu-Ray is chances are they know it.

HD DVD is going to have to do a lot better if they wish to have any chance at winning this format war

bootsielon6021d ago

After all, you know how to talk like a true Xbox 360 marketer, as if you were truly working for Microsoft. The HD-DVD group could surely use your inflammatory rhetoric skills.

mikeslemonade6020d ago

I don't know if it's a bad thing or a good thing to own a hd-dvd player in Austrailia. The good thing is that you can say you're part of less than one thousand people in the entire continent/country to actually own a hd-dvd player.

Cysquatch6020d ago

With Superbad and Pirates releasing today, its going to be another ugly week for HDDVD and yet another nail in the coffin.

marinelife96020d ago

I think the whole war is the difference between companies that made smart decisions and ones that did not. I think we can all agree that both technologies are basically the same with Blu-Ray just offering more space. However the key decisions that were made along the way is what made and broke both camps.

1. Sony putting a Blu-Ray drive in every PS3 was smart.

2. Toshiba and Microsoft not putting a HD-DVD drive in the 360 with a year head start was not a slightly more expensive 360 with a year head start might have ended the war early.

3. The BDA focusing their efforts on gathering studio and CE support was smart.

4. HD-DVD spending money on buying studio support from Paramount sans Spielberg instead of Disney or Warner was not smart.

5. BDA spending their resources on advertising and mobile tours to try and push Blu-Ray into the household name category was smart.

6. HD-DVD dropping their player prices dramatically was the one smart thing they did. It will keep them in the race longer but will also keep them in the red much longer. Toshiba knows the point where they will not be able to recoup the losses of selling players below cost and short revenues because of giving away so many free movies. They will make their next smart business decision then.

7. Both were dumb by not working this out before hand.

But the consumer at least gets a much cheaper player and lots of free movies because of it.

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Evil0Angel6021d ago

i thought the figure will be like 20:1 but it is only 5:1

bootsielon6021d ago

"Only", LOL

You know, in Japan, Blu-ray is outselling HD-DVD by "only" a 9:1 ratio. That must be bad, as it isn't a "50:1" ratio. *sigh*

PS3PCFTW6021d ago (Edited 6021d ago )

Its been over.


to the gamer below me, post a pictur of what u drive with your handle on it an ill do the same.

Led Zeppelin6021d ago

It's been barely a year! What ALWAYS are you talking about?

MADGameR6020d ago

You are right. 360 fans were proven wrong saying ''Noone needs Bluray and noone wants it!'' A lot of people thought BD would be a failure, but they've been proven wrong just when the PS3 outsells the 360. SONY made the better choice as in the beginning, people thought they were stupid. I guess we can't predict after their decisions even if it sounds like a bad idea! People say the PS3 is too expensive, but in reality, they refuse to see what the console offers! The PS3 was all along $400 but because they included Bluray, thats when the price jumped to $600. MS just wanted to make it seem cheaper by NOT including HDDVD. If they had included HDDVD, it would've went to $600 the price of the PS3 and thats not EVENLY equipted with the stuff that PS3 comes with. You need to buy MS's X Box 360 Headset which is what? $59.99, then Wifi $99.99, X Box Live $49.99......OH WAIT...you have to buy Halo 3! ANOTHER $69.99. THATS OVER $800 just to have your 360 EVENLY equipped against PS3. So really in the beginning, the 360 was the most expensive console to begin with, but noone ever saw that. Now that the 360 is $375.99 or 379.99, it STILL goes over $800 If you want to get Halo 3, Wifi,HDDVD Drive,Headset. OH you want Gears of War as well? $59.99!

ruibing6021d ago

So the HD-DVD seemed to have abandoned AU for the time being to concentrate on US and EU, which shows from the delay of their biggest exclusive Transformers. It's amazing the low number of standalone sales there compared to the PS3s.

PS3PCFTW6020d ago

u mean in the bent over position?

i dont know...even pornstars get tired.

fact is hddvd is fvcced, and no false advertising nor misprinted numbers and hidden agendas can help them now.

if it was my company, id take the loss and recoup as much as i possibly can.......

akaFullMetal6021d ago

yea, doesnt seem like hd-dvd is doing to well, wonder how long they can stand to be in this position???