Skyrim PS3 lag 'still an issue' - before and after patch comparison video

Following crippling lag problems encountered by numerous players with large save games, Bethesda released a PS3 Skyrim patch on Monday in part designed to improve the "occasional performance issues resulting from long term play".

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Nitrowolf22933d ago

Sorry but I don't understand what this video is exactly showing. Yeah I see how somethings are a bit clunky moving, but I thought the issue with long term play and such was the framerate. TBH from what I just saw that all looked like little things or just trying to nitpick on certain areas. I mean seriously who's gonna really care that the water slightly (IDK even know if you can notice that)lags.

I thought the issue was with the framerate though

dark-hollow2932d ago

It is clear as day!
Wth bethesda?? Why they always gets away with shit like this while almost all the famous gaming sites never even mention their crappy ports.
If i had the ps3 ill demand a refund!

lastdual2932d ago

That Digital Foundry comparison is *much* better than the CVG video. Clearly displays the lag in all its post-patch glory.

Unfortunately, according to an Obsidian developer who had hands-on experience with the engine, this problem will probably never get 100% fixed, as that would require major changes to how the engine works:

Nitrowolf22932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

that's framerate NOT LAG

Lag and Framerate are entirely different things, although they may look the same. Lag is associated with the internet and the connection from you to who ever your connecting to.

This is by far a better video then the one that is used for this article.

People need to learn the difference between LAG and Frame-rate issue

StraightPath2932d ago

Its dissapointing that only the PS3 version suffers from this awful lag issues. But in my opinion after the patch it got alot better before patch

PS3 version = unplayable mess.

But it does creep up now and then small lag and framerate dips..hopefully doesnt go bad as before. One again PS3 suffers from a poor multiplatform.

MysticStrummer2932d ago

The 120+ hours on my game and great time I've had tell me that the PS3 version is not an unplayable mess. Before the patch, I could save/quit/continue and fix the lag problem for a couple of hours. After the patch, the only lag I've seen are little hiccups while the game autosaves. The only other glitches I've experienced in all that play time are a few quests that won't disappear from my log even though they're done and one stationary dragon high in the sky. Hardly an unplayable mess.

Focus2932d ago

Wait, you're disappointed that the ps3 version is the only one with this problem?? Lol so you'd have been pleased in PC and 360 owners were suffering along with you? Wow. How selfless of you, wanting to share and all.
Tell you what, you can keep this exclusive to ps3, we don't mind but thanx for offering

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2932d ago

im with you on this, I cant tell a difference other than the screen on the left looks like better graphics...the right side screen looks like a beta test of the game, either that or the guy is playing it on a 37 standard def tv. The colors are all dull and lifeless looking, and the only real difference I saw was the water looked like it moved fluidly on the right side. Guess I am not that much of an AV snob?

DonaldBeck2933d ago

i dont see anything wrong with this, WTF.

Avernus2932d ago

Only thing I see is that the ver 2.1 looks more washed out?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2932d ago

its almost like the left side is ps3 remastered and the right side is ps2 original...The screen of the priest(?) talking on the left and the one on the right just standing there, the right side looks awful.

WetN00dle692932d ago

Its also an issue on the 360 side of things.

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