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Baka-akaB2926d ago

Oh boy , it will quickly die with fire , why bother ?

Square didnt even allow a rather decent pc chrono trigger remake , when they do nothing with the franchise (besides a crappy ds port) ... no way they'll let a FF7 project alive

iChii2926d ago

We can still hope, right? I dont understand why they haven't made a FFVII remake tho, they'd sell AT LEAST 2m+ just with a ps3 version, and knowing square they'd make it multiplat so it'd be 3-4m copies sold.

I really don't care if its on one console or another, I just want to play a FFVII remake.

MajorJackHoff2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

2m+? lol try 10m+.

I would even go out on a limb and say it could compete with MW3's lifetime sales.

El_Assenso2925d ago

Gotta agree with MajorJackHoff that a Final Fantasy VII remake could compete with any game out there sales wise, but quality wise...dunno...Square-Enix just don't have the magic of Square,

MaxXAttaxX2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

""I dont understand why they haven't made a FFVII remake tho""

What I don't understand is why people keep asking about a FFVII remake when there are better games out there that could be remade, some of which haven't even seen the light in 3D form yet.
Not to mention they haven't even finished games that they announced years ago, like FF VersusXIII.

OcularVision2925d ago

You guys are seriously over-estimating the potential sales of a FFVII remake.

Baka-akaB2925d ago

over estimating ? Dude derivative ff7 spin off crap sold like crack , the psn psone release is consistantly at the top of psn sales , and any jrpg fan , even the younger ones that wouldnt touch ff7 knows it's a legendary entry in most minds .

Dirge of cerberus , a game most knew was awful , still sold a million . The excellent crisis Core sold 3 millions .. and tha dvent children movie over 4 millions in dvd alone .

Final fantasy XIII , a game many believes to be widely hated , and at the very least very controversial , sold over 6 millions .

A well done and marketed remake would easily outsell that and get close to the original's 10 millions

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HarvesterOSarow2926d ago

Portable Chrono Trigger was awesome, what are you talking about?

Knuxxx2925d ago

That's what I'm saying. The DS version is the second best version. Now the PSX version that was recently released... that shows SE's priority. Instead of improving the re-release, they instead just slap in on PSN. I remember hearing the announcement about FF5 and CT on PSN during the summer. Why'd it take so long then?? I know people who could rip it and have it up on a ROM site in a day.

Tanir2925d ago

I downloaded the demo and it wasnt anything special, visually the graphics were alright, it was a fps so that was sorta lame, probably done to hide that bad animation.

still props to the dudes who made it, still took some time i bet

StraightPath2925d ago

This looks absolutely terrible $top while u can ur embrassing ff7

Megaman_nerd2925d ago

the only bad thing are the animations but the project just started and they are just like 6 people.

bruddahmanmatt2925d ago


Agreed. This is a project that is simply too ambitious IMO, even more so when they only have six people working on the game. Look at it this way, even with a pretty sizable dev team it took BomberGames eight (yes EIGHT) years to finalize Streets of Rage Remake in the form of v5 and that was a 2D beat em up.

This project will never be anywhere near complete, not to mention the 1st person perspective looks God awful. Thing is, even if they did manage to pull off a miracle and get the project rolling at a legit pace, SE would shut it down without even blinking if they thought a bunch of fans were about to achieve what they claim is impossible.

Knuxxx2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

That's what they said about Chrono resurrection. And they went from 2D to 3D. So what about a 3D game to better 3D?? And what about Crimson echoes?

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boogeyman9992926d ago

Props to whoever made this

-Gespenst-2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Not the unreal engine...

Edit: Also this doesn't look like it has any of the atmosphere of the original. It looks so lifeless and drab.

Tuxedo_Mask2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

That's what I thought too when I saw those words, but at least they're trying. For a SE quality game it looks subpar, but for a game made by fans it looks pretty good to me.

Sony3602926d ago

"It's good for a fan-made game" doesn't cut it really.

Megaman_nerd2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

this looks a million times better than the original. The original is so blurry and the character models are soooooooo incredibly ugly that you'd think that Barret is a junkie without an arm and on top of that, naked so I don't know what you people are complaining about. In fact, Cloud looks like a lego or even worse because it has so many jaggies that all you see is a yellow and purple stain.

Are you expecting this game to look like Uncharted 3 or something? Do you even know how many millions of dollars has Sony put toward the creation of that game?

k2d2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

@ Megaman_nerd: Hold your tongue. This is blasphemy!

You could poke at FF8 or 12's graphics, for reaching beyond the capabilities of their respective systems. But FF7s look was just right for it's time, and served its purpose PERFECTLY.

I don't think I'll hear any back talk on this one..

Sony3602925d ago

Disagree all you want, but if you people are never happy with what square are doing why the hell would a fan-made game with no budget, smaller production and smaller team do any better?

Get a grip. All this will do is dissapoint, and that's if square doesn't file a cease-and-desist first.

-Gespenst-2925d ago

Megaman_Nerd you're a dope.

You complain about the original's graphics then accuse us of wanting it to look like U3? Clearly you're the one who wants that if graphics are so important to you.

Do you have any conception of atmosphere, charm or nostalgia? You've been conditioned to believe that better graphics = better game, but that's nonsense. I still play ancient games that resonate with me far more than a lot of modern games, and I more or less took up games around the late PS1 to PS2 era, so I'm not exactly biased.

Also, the amount of money you pump into a game has nothing to do with it's final quality. Take the early SNES rpgs. Magical games with minimal budgets.

You're exactly what's wrong with the gaming community. You fail to appreciate videogames on an artistic level.

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Pozzle2926d ago

"Edit: Also this doesn't look like it has any of the atmosphere of the original. It looks so lifeless and drab."

Sort of like Dirge of Cerberus :D

DeleteThisxx2926d ago

Wow, seriously? I would love to see you do better. At least someone's attempting it and not doing some half-assed job. Give me a break.

-Gespenst-2925d ago

But looking at those screens, they clearly don't fully understand what it is they're undertaking. Everything about it is completely wrong. The oppressive, gritty and vast sense of Midgar isn't there. It just looks amateur.

I'm sure it's not an easy process, but the fact remains that it just looks rubbish. They seem to be failing to pick up on subtlties that make the FFVII experience so wonderful; make most of the FF's so wonderful.

"At least someone's attempting it" doesn't cut it in this case I'm afraid.

DeleteThisxx2925d ago

Again, let's see you do better.

-Gespenst-2925d ago

I know nothing about programming and making games. So no. All I know, and all that's important for me to know as an observer and as a gamer, is that this fan-made version is severely lacking when put next to the original.

I'd want more capable people to remake this game. I'm not one of them, but I'm sure there are people out there who'd do it more justice than this. So give it to them.

I hate that response: "Lets see you do better". It's nonsense. It's as if to say I can have no critical opinion of a game unless i'm a programmer / game designer. Nonsense. I can say I don't like it without being obliged to do it better. If anything, my opinion should encourage those who ARE able, to remake it.

DeleteThisxx2925d ago

You see, your argument would be viable if you didn't completely disregard one tiny little thing. The fact that this "remake" is NEVER coming out. This is being done by a FAN of the series. Someone utilizing his skills/abilities attempting to recreate a game that he probably loves, nothing more. It's not meant to please you in anyway, shape or form.

You're judging a few screens that are mostly character models/small portions of levels within the game and saying it's missing elements that are present within FFVII. Of course they are missing something. This is an INCOMPLETE project by ONE person. Why is that so hard to understand? Do you think every programmer/developer works on small intricate details when creating a level/character? No. They take their basic idea, create it and concentrate on tiny details later on.

Do you really think your snide remarks are going to convince anyone to remake this game? No. The only people who are going to remake this game for the public are none other than Square themselves. If anyone else does, you can expect a lawsuit and a half.

Stop judging an incomplete project. Yes, only PROFESSIONALS have that right. If you think otherwise then please, learn how to program, code, develop and prove me wrong. Until then, keep your non-constructive criticism to yourself.

Sony3602925d ago

"Let's see you do better" is an argument so stupid it's not worth taking notice of.

The point is no one cares that some random fan(s) are trying to remake it, because the odds are it won't be up to standard of the original game.

Also it's a waste of time because it breaks all kinds of trademark/patent laws, so saying "you do better" is a completely pointless thing to come back with.

If you're gonna attempt to do something, do it right and make sure you can do it to begin with. If it's "not meant to please us in any way", then why is it being hyped on N4G?

Stop being so butt hurt about the criticism. Most people with common sense know that it won't live up to what square could have done, and that's even if it ends up finished. Which it probably won't.

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Myst-Vearn2926d ago

I wish SE never bothered with FF13 and FF13-2 and worked on a FFVII remake. They could have be around done with it by now and its guaranteed to be well received and sell a ton

Blaine2926d ago

And maybe, while they were re-making FFVII, they'd have had an epiphany. "OH FUCK, THAT's why our games used to be so good! Let's start making good games like that again."