VG Chartz gamrReview: WWE '12

On the table in-front of me are two relics of my not-too-distant youth, both of them mugs. The one to the left is for the Junior Foxes, the youth wing of my football club, Leicester City. To the right, half-full of lukewarm coffee (decaff – caffeine makes me shake like Big Show near a salad), a larger mug is adorned with the heroes of my childhood; The Rock gurns at Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin stares at the viewer whilst Mick Foley... well, no-one really knows what Mick Foley does. These are the heroes of my childhood and the memories of my early adulthood.

As such, wrestling games have always held a special allure, the opportunity to see who would really win a brawl between Triple H and John Cena, as opposed to hypothetical arguments (scripts? Get out of here!). With WWE '12, Yukes have tried to re-invent a genre arguably perfected 10 years ago by the Nintendo 64's WWF No Mercy, but which has recently stagnated due to some sub-standard entries in the Smackdown vs Raw series. In some ways they've managed it; in others, it's more of a shuffle and a trip, caught on the ropes by some bizarre decisions.

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