Itagaki: Realistic Military Details Will Elevate Devil's Third

Valhalla Games' Tomonobu Itagaki, a self-described "military nut," sees a way in which he can stand out from the competition in the shooter genre -- a genre he hopes to top with his upcoming game, Devil's Third.

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Lovable3137d ago

Bring it on Itagaki. I'm excited and ready for your game. With all the stuff you're talking about, I just hope this game don't turn into a devil's turd...

gamingdroid3136d ago

That teaser video he has at is indeed very exciting.

Running on walls?

MizTv3137d ago

i love his games.and cant wait for this one.he is also a crazy dude

Colonel_Dante3137d ago

Sure, Itagaki...
Your game is published by THQ..
Im trying to stay objective...
But their grade of games arent usually AAA...

dark-hollow3137d ago

publishers arent the ones who develop the games you know...

Colonel_Dante3135d ago

I know. But, When people sell their ideas to publishers, they go to bigger names than THQ ,who reject them cuz they suck.

Enigma_20993137d ago

If there's any problem with his game, its the fact that HE'S involved with it.

Enigma_20993135d ago

So now we know he has at least two lips planted firmly around his anus...

gamingdroid3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

True, but THQ did publish UFC, which from what I understand is a great series.

Besides this is from Itagaki, whom created the awesome Ninja Gaiden reboot... not the [email protected] that it looks to be now though with the NG3.

Lord_Sloth3136d ago

I recall that this game will have sword play involved. You'd better not change that, Itagaki! It's the main reason I wanna play it!