Misconceptions, Rumors and Facts about Next-Gen

Some rumors about next gen, especially the new WiiUDaily rumors.

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Pikajew4207d ago

I agree 100%. People are going around saying the Wii U will be the weakest console next gen. But we don't know that. All the consoles are being developed now and we don't know what will be the most powerful.

TheFirstClassic4207d ago

Well considering the Wii U will come out a decent amount of time before the ps4 and nextbox, it is likely that it will be a little less powerful than the other two systems. Only a little though, I don't imagine the gap being very big. Like you said though, there is still no way to know for sure what happens.

Mike_Tha_Hero4207d ago

"Well considering the Wii U will come out a decent amount of time before the ps4 and nextbox"

What? Not a single next gen console is out yet. And no, introducing a protoype model at E3 doesn't count for much.

Sarcasm4207d ago


If the next Xbox and PS cant beat the Wii U in graphics, then everyone will definitely be disappointed.

It's almost like the entire industry will be expecting it.

It really depends on what they consider more powerful, whether it's 4 times or 10 times more powerful than a PS3/360, we'll have to wait and see.

All I know is that the leap from PS1 to PS2 was a huge leap and the leap from PS2 to PS3 was also huge. So if the next PS is only a small jump from the PS3, then there's almost no point in anybody investing in a new PS4 if that's the case.

I think I made my point.

TheFirstClassic4207d ago

"What? Not a single next gen console is out yet. And no, introducing a protoype model at E3 doesn't count for much."

You really think ps4 and nextbox will come out immediately after wii u? I imagine the other next gen consoles will come out in 2013 at the earliest, and with them coming out a year later it is reasonable to think the newer systems will probably have a little better tech. Not to mention, there is no way Sony and MS would want to have a weaker system than nintendo.

badkolo4207d ago

""The PS3 would have done better in my opinion if the starting price had been $499 like the 360""

thats from the article which is wrong, the ps3 was 499 and 599, the 360 was 399 and 299

GhettoBlasStarr4207d ago

If the Wii U is just as powerful as the Next PS4/720, then Sony and Microsoft will release right after or at the same time. But if its not, then they will come out a year after.

Me personally I hope they all come out 2012.

LettingGo4207d ago

Honestly...I'm hoping next generation is all about the games. Nintendo and Sony both have great first party studios. Will Microsoft continue to publish for other companies or will they gain more studios? If Sony's first party studios come out of the gate, full force...nobody else has a prayer.

Hicken4207d ago

Don't worry. You just made a few fanboys upset.

There are two things I want next gen: great games, and no online passes. Well, I guess it's one thing I want and one thing I don't want. I'm no graphics whore: I can play games in 720p or less, and they don't have to be 60fps. The games don't have to necessarily be AAA titles. I still haven't spent as much time this gen as I have on games like Persona 3 FES last gen or Breath of Fire III the gen before. Valkyria Chronicles or GT5 would probably be the closest, and there's like a hundred hours or more in difference.

Just give me good games.

colonel1794207d ago (Edited 4207d ago )

Well, the misconceptions part is due to the very poor revealing of the Wii U. Nothing else, and for that Nintendo is to blame. That is for sure.

The rumors part is due to people trying to get ahead of themselves by guessing stuff, instead of waiting for confirmation, which will come until E3.

Then there's the facts, but I didn't read the article so I guess there are not many right now, but then again, we will have to wait to E3 for more information.

So this story is just reduced to a single fact: Wait until E3.

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