DMC 10th Anniversary Artwork Competition Finalists

A while ago Capcom held a competition to celebrate DMC’s 10th Anniversary.

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SPARDA_4262565d ago

I like the one with Dante and Vergil :D

gnvr2565d ago

Good Choice ... me too :D

zeal0us2565d ago

They should had DMC:Reboot Artwork Competition maybe some of these ppl could of came up with a better design for the "new" Dante.

Minus that little rant, All of them looks great.

Pozzle2564d ago

That Dante and Vergil one is amazing.

I also like the hand-drawn one with Dante's big boot. It's so very...Dante. :D

XerockX2564d ago

hand drawn ftw. Nice to see someone who actually stills knows what a pencil is! lol