First South Park: The Game details - tons of information

Check out the first details on South Park: The Game (devs behind Fallout: New Vegas) from the latest Game Informer.

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WhiteLightning3135d ago

"so the player’s character will be silent"

But lets be honest the funny thing about South Park IS the dialouge, especialy Cartman how can you do a game like this and not have some of the hillarious dialouge spoken, it's not the same reading it because it's the way it's said.

Neckbear3135d ago

...Because they're keeping the tradition of silent main characters in RPGs. Everything else will be spoken, I'd imagine, but silent protagonists are the best protagonists.

WhiteLightning3135d ago

Well as long as it's JUST the main character then I'm fine

Capt-FuzzyPants3135d ago

Actually my least favorite protagonists are silent protagonists. What makes a game special to me is being connected to a character and actually caring what happens to him. Thats why I like FF and KH so much.

Panthers3135d ago

Exactly. I DESPISE silent protagonists. I want to get to know the main character. Not pretend he's me. Thats lame.

da_2pacalypse3134d ago

I don't mind a silent protagonist... because this game is all about the south park characters, and not the character which you choose to bring to the universe. I don't think this really hurts the comical sense of the game, the SP won't disappoint, considering the Trey Parker and Matt Stone are actually writing the game.

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TopDudeMan3135d ago

I was literally just bashing this game about 10 mins ago and now I'm kinda excited for it after finding out the details.. I retract what I said earlier. This sounds like it could be awesome.

rabidpancakeburglar3135d ago

Why would you bash a game you knew nothing about?

TopDudeMan3135d ago

I did know something about it. It was a south park game. The only other south park game I played (despite me wanting to like it) was terrible.

Majin-vegeta3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

This is what came to my mind after reading that maybe it will be like this xD.

Corepred43135d ago

I hope they have multiplayer mode. I remember playing the old south park game with like cow launchers and all kinds of crazy guns! That game was FUN!!

LarVanian3135d ago

Great article. Trey and Matt are apparently fans of games like inFamous, Oblivion and RDR. Looks like they've got good taste in gaming. I really can't wait to see the first gameplay footage of this.

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The story is too old to be commented.