First Artwork For Square Enix's Unreal Action RPG

Andriasang: Here's our first piece of artwork for the Unreal Engine action RPG Square Enix announced in Famitsu earlier this week.

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Stealth2k3139d ago

alot more japanese influence there

1) Interesting art style that isnt realism

2) Absurd sword

3) whimsy

Reibooi3139d ago

To be honest I'm still confused as to why they are using Unreal for this project. The only other unreal engine game they made was a disaster thanks to the horrible slow down(PC version of Last Remanat worked great however) and in general the UE engine isn't as effective with more Japanese art styles.

On top of that SE took a ton of time and money creating their own in house engine with Crystal tools so why exactly would they not use that instead? Makes little sense to me.

All that said the art work looks interesting and with SE new IP's tend to be either hit(The World Ends With you) or miss(Nier which in all fairness was much better then most gave it credit for)

DaveMan3139d ago

Nier was probably the best square game of this gereration...that soundtrack alone is godly

humbleopinion3139d ago

UE engine worked amazingly well for Lost Odyssey, which is a beautifully looking Japanese art style game and one of the nicest JRPGs this gen.

They may have developed the Crystal tools internally, but considering the time it took them to develop FFXIII it seems pretty ineffective. Last Remanat wasn't the best, but it was their first attempt with their engine. I believe they improved since then.

Reibooi3139d ago

While it's true that Lost Odyssey looked pretty good and did have that Japanese style it also had the same issues Last Remnant did. Slowdown. I can't count the amount of bigger fights in the game that just bogged and bogged. Not to mention some of the more graphically intensive fights in the game would outright freeze on a regular basis.

Also SE has never said the reason FFXIII took so long was because of the engine. It had a very troubled dev cycle. None of the dev team could agree on the direction the game was supposed to go and that lead to the long dev time.(they have stated this in numerous interviews.)

killerhog3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Forget squareenix and FF, if you have an iPod go download LOD (lord of darkness) kinda like a miniature Warcraft. It's currently free and I already sunk 3 hours into it. Btw im speaking to everyone.

DaveMan3139d ago

Looks interesting. I know it's just artwork, but it seems to LOOK 10x better than the shit they've been calling games recently. 2013 release I'm guessing?

Run_bare3139d ago

Square need to stop and think. Release VERSUS XIII first before developing anything else.

DaveMan3139d ago

Don't see why Versus XIII should matter. Square is pretty huge, they can have multiple dev teams.

3139d ago
Ddouble3138d ago

LOoks like it's influenced equally by western and japanese ideas. Thats what i like to see.