'Scene It' the Winner Among Trivia Console Games

What's the most successful trivia game to appear on a video-game console?

It's a trick question.

There's never been a really popular console trivia game. Even popular franchises like "Trivial Pursuit" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" have been unable to make the jump.

Computer trivia buffs have it better, thanks to "You Don't Know Jack," "Jeopardy!" and dozens of online question-and-answer competitions.

But publishers seem to feel that mayhem-loving console gamers won't slow down for more cerebral activity.

So it's kind of surprising that we've seen three new trivia video games - one each for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and Wii - over the last few months.

Could any of them be as satisfying as filling in that last piece of "Trivial Pursuit" pie during your family game night?

"Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action"

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Zhuk4880d ago

Scene it is a step in the right direction for the Xbox 360. Hopefully this will be the first of many quiz titles that are packaged with the big button controller and that the 360 sees its own form of 'Buzz!'.

As big of a critic of Sony as I am, I know where to give credit where its due and one of the few things Sony has done right is by releasing games like Buzz and Singstar. Microsoft needs 'casual' or 'party' franchises such as this if it wishes to begin to expand its demographic out of the hardcore gamer/18-29 male crowd

gogators4880d ago

I had a party last friday when we all played Scene It. It was pretty fun. I hope they are succussful enough that we can get more games like this. I certainly wouldn't mind Scene It ESPN.

vhero4879d ago

i wouldnt go saying tis the first successful one but it is the best of an offical board game Buzz still pips it but I agree with Zhuk it's a step in teh right direction I used to be a hardcore gamer but i got so much into casual games nothign better than soome booze some freinds and buzz and singstar. Hope I can get stuff similar as MS seems to be doing nothing but copying ps3 lately and with singstar out friday in UK maybe somebody will copy that. Its an untapped market really all but sony have done well and its about time MS started tapping at it.

felman874879d ago

Simply because it's $20 cheaper for about the same thing. (Also, it's on the PS2, something almost everyone already has)

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