Free MMO Spotlight: Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights is a classic dungeon crawl in the style of games like Gauntlet and Diablo. The controls are similar as well and that's great. Why improve what isn't broken, right? It's simple and fun, with all of the character models being colorful and well made.

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xxxAnubisxxx2975d ago

Old Republic FTW!!!

Although, it's far from free... lol

ViralAyatane2975d ago

Well, that's what the articles are for. Free MMOs. Otherwise I'd be putting articles on Rift or WoW

JsonHenry2975d ago

I thought this game was a snooze fest. But my kids like it okay.

badjournalism2975d ago

It's more like Four Swords than Diablo and Gauntlet

ViralAyatane2974d ago

I have never personally played Four Swords, though, so I wouldn't know.