Top 5 Things Developers Should Learn from Dark Souls

What makes From Software’s hardcore RPG so compelling?
GameZone's Erich Sherman asks "What is it about this game that keeps bringing me back in a way that other RPGs haven’t done for years? Perhaps more importantly, what could other developers learn from From Software’s latest release?"

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TheSanchezDavid3140d ago

I seriously need to play this game. It's stuff like what's mentioned on this list that I wish more games offered. I'll definitely be putting this one on my Christmas wish list.

Max Power3140d ago

I bought it, started to play, didn't like it because I just got done Plating Demon's Souls, shelved it, will go back to it once I forget how Demon's Souls plays.

Max Power3139d ago

No? I didn't do that? Ok.

lifesanrpg3140d ago

I definitely agree with the last today are just too easy and Dark Souls gave me that true feeling of being scared of dying.

SockeyBoy3140d ago

agreed, espicially when you find a bonfire its that feeling of letting out a wee that you've held in for too loong.

Nevers3139d ago

Couldn't agree more... the relief you feel once you make it to a bonfire is something I haven't felt from any games for a long time. I haven't been scared for my avatar in a long time. Dark Souls made that happen all the time.

I'm pretty high lvl and I still get owned if I forget patience.

grahf3140d ago

Just made it to Nito's fog gate (I think) earlier today. I had enough souls on me for 2 levels (55k). I sat debating for 5 minutes if I should go in or not, wussed out, Homeward Boned it, and warped out of the Tomb.

I'll go back... soon...

TopDudeMan3140d ago

Nito is soo easy... If you've beat four kings or any of the other lords, Nito is a piece of cake.

grahf3140d ago

Yeah... he was the first one I was targeting. And it goes perfectly with point 5, I have NO clue how to fight him. I haven't wiki-ed it, watched it, nothing. Did I want to gamble my 55k souls and 2 crucial levels or fall back, gather myself, maybe go in as Human & see if anyone else was there with a sign down? I had already died in the lair once, I wasn't going to waste what I had earned.

brodychet3140d ago

I love Dark Souls. Platinumed it, and continued playing. I'm on NG++++ now. Even Nito is difficult. Not to mention Ornstein and Smough ):

Captain Qwark 93140d ago

does it get any harder on new game plus? when i was playing my first playthrough i literally just demolished the game after anor londo, it got way easier. then i started new game plus and continued to walk through it, got to the first torus demon and stopped becuase i was unstoppable. i do plan to go back though once im done with skyrim

brodychet3139d ago

Gets harder when you get to tougher bosses. I have the best gear in the game, but I can still get wrecked getting to land of the giants.

AKS3140d ago

I was caught by surprise the first time I fought Ornstein and Smough. I wasn't expecting two tough enemies to attack me from different angles so aggressively and quickly. I got caught between them and whacked with the hammer. I thought that was one of the tougher battles outside of PVP opponents.

iWishTifaWasReal3139d ago

and From Software should learn how to make a SATISFYING Ending.

Dark Souls' both endings pissed me off.