F1 2011: PS Vita VS 3DS

Today Codemasters released screen shots for F1 2011, for both the PS Vita and the 3DS. So we did the obvious thing, we took both screen shots put them side by side to show you how much the PS Vita blows the 3DS out of the water (or at least in our opinion).

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Venjense3590d ago

3DS will have a 10 million lead by the time Vita comes out. I thought they learned from 360, they shouldn't have released later.

PirateThom3590d ago

The sales reflected a turning point for gaming, the experience was unmatched due to the number of units sold and, while it could be improved, at the moment the sales offer the best experience possible. 9/10 - Editor's Choice Award.

jony_dols3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )


The 3DS has had a sole monopoly on the handheld game console market for the past 9 months, and it still took a loss-making price cut by Nintendo to push it past the 5 million sold mark. Hardly what one would call spectacular.

Not that sales figures matter to the consumer anyway. But the truth is that Nintendo screwed up the 3DS, with an initial bloated price tag, poor 3rd party support, underpowered hardware & unnecessary 3D.

I see you cited the the PS3, which also had a mediocre launch & a hefty launch price, similar to the 3DS, except the PS3 had the hardware under the bonnet & the support of 3rd party developers unlike the 3DS.

Misterhbk3590d ago

3DS will have sold 10 million in less than a month?

Optical_Matrix3590d ago

Its currently sitting at 7 million or so. Considering the Xbox 360 was able to sell 1 million in a day on Black Friday in the US, I think the 3DS, with its affordable price point and Mario games will surpass 10 million over the holiday season.

However, I think that the majority of gamers who want an unmatched handheld experience, Vita will be the option. I love my 3DS and there are some great games coming, but I can see myself taking my PS Vita everywhere when I get it, not just because of the stupid amount of good games coming, but because of the other things it can do that the 3DS cannot. I see Vita to gamers what iPad's are to the mainstream consumer market. At least, I hope it ends up being that way, because Vita really pushes the boundaries of what handheld gaming is meant to do.

Handheld gaming is for kids? 3DS and PS Vita gives all the haters a big middle finger.

DigitalAnalog3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Was there a huge 3DS sale spike I'm missing?

smashcrashbash3589d ago

Who cares? Did you think that the DS crowd would have brought the VITA whether it came out first, last or ten years from now? The PSP crowd are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the VITA. That is 75 million potential customers.Some people will see that the VITA is the better machine. Not everyone cares about overmilked series and gimmicky 3D.

MasterCornholio3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

In an article where they compare 3DS visuals to Vita visuals. Most people go off topic and talk about how well the 3DS is selling. Are they doing this doing this because they feel insecure when the two get compared in the visuals department? Even some people here are convinced that the two produce visuals on a similar level when in reality there's a big difference between the two. Just compare Resident Evil to Uncharted Golden Abyss and you will see the difference.

Anyways back on topic. I believe that both versions of F1 look similar but it's the Vita version that looks the best. I would like to see a video comparison to see how framerate stacks up. But I believe that the Vita version will have a better framerate due to its superior hardware. But both versions look great and are worth it on either handheld.


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wethegreenpeople3590d ago

@Optical_Matrix that was very well said.

I'm keeping that for use against vita haters haha.

Garrison3589d ago

All I say is, these handhelds we got available right now are badass. The 3ds rocks and so does the vita and whats best of all is that they rock in their own way.

Been playing the new super mario game on the 3ds and wow is it good.

clrlite3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Well said. 3DS and Vita for the win and the haters and their articles, etc. are eating their words. Dedicated gaming devices for dedicated gamers, with other secondary features...and BUTTONS!(and analogs)(and great (real) games)

TruthbeTold3589d ago

Blown out of the water? Come on... Clearly the textures are more defined on the Vita version, but both look damn good. Also, let's not forget that the 3DS version will be in 3D, which gives not only the appearance of depth, but the appearance of more polygons than are actually being used.

No reason to hate. Both handhelds have their advantages. Pick the one you like. I already have a 3DS, and I'll be buying a Vita day one. Shooters, fighting games and Sony exclusives on Vita, RPG's, platformers, and Nintendo exclusives on 3DS. Of course I'll mix and match those genres depending on the quality of the game too, but I'm just speaking in general. Save your money and buy both. They both kick ass!

clrlite3589d ago

haha, amen brother. I think as gamers, we should all be rejoicing that these handhelds dedicated to gaming are doing so darn well in spite of all the BS articles popping up. The haters have been eating their words after the 3DS turns out to smash the BEAST DS's year one sales and is only gaining steam. The Vita will be a smash hit as well. We know it has the games and I think Sony is smart enough to back it up with a great marketing campaign.

Ryo-Hazuki3589d ago

I cant wait for the vita

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