5 Predictions Ahead of Wednesday's 45-Minute Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has a brand new Direct coming this week, and it's a whopper of a presentation, clocking in at 45 minutes. We break down what to expect from it.

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Servbot411369d ago

All I want is information about the SMT game announced. If its another SMTxFE they can go shove it.

The 10th Rider1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

I'd expect updates on Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, and maybe something on Pokken. We'll see a release date for Xenoblade, if it is really coming out this year (they're still saying so but I'll be skeptical until it's in my hands). They'll highlight some of the big third party games coming this holiday, such as Skyrim, Rocket League, Sonic Forces, NBA, and FIFA. We may get a Skyrim or Rocket League amiibo. Smaller titles such as Rime, Yooka Laylee, Hallow Knight and Stardew Valley may get release dates or updates.

As for new announcements I expect at least one Wii U port. Likely either something from Platinum Games or the long-rumored Smash 4 Deluxe. I'd be shocked to see a major new game announced for Switch (unless Pikmin 4 is finally formally "announced") but we may see a smaller title or two. If there is a bigger title announced I imagine it will be from a partnership with a Japanese developer and it will be shown off further at Tokyo Game Show.

The 3DS part will include Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It's a wildcard, but we may get a new 2D Zelda announced. I think there will be another one before they finally phase the 3DS out but I don't necessarily think it will be announced until next year. Outside of that I don't imagine there will be any big 3DS games unless they announce Mercury Steam is working on a followup to Samus Returns or something like that.

Other than that they will show off updates for both Splatoon and Arms, as well as a few upcoming system features and more info on the second batch of Zelda DLC . . . Maybe even info on Mario + Rabbids DLC. The system features and the updates for current games will be why the direct is so long.

EDIT: Maybe more info on SMT or Project Octopath Traveler as well.

Erik73571369d ago

Bayonetta 3 and Animal crossing for 2018

The 10th Rider1368d ago

I do think Animal Crossing is coming next year, and if not then the year afterwards, but I don't think they'll announce it this year. They've already got Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild for this year and those are some heavy hitters. I think the next two years we'll see a 2D Mario or Mario Maker 2, Animal Crossing, Mario Party, and of course Pokemon . . . All of which are heavy hitters. By that point it will have been enough time that a new Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will be on the horizon as well. That way they will have their big sellers spread out enough to keep up the console's sales.