L.A. Noire - 30FPS Cap and Black Bars Removal

DSOGaming writes: "Okay PC gamers, here is something special for you today. By now, most of you will probably know that the PC version of L.A. Noire is locked at 30fps. Well, not anymore. Rage3D’s user ‘jackfuste’, the man behind the FPS workarounds for both Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1 & 2, has released a 30FPS removal for Rockstar’s adventure game. Moreover, this executable file also removes the black bars on 4:3, 5:4 and 16:10 resolutions, which is a big plus. To put it simple; this is how L.A. Noire should be in the first place. God, I love modders."

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floetry1012972d ago

I'd be interested to know how the motion-capture looks on an uncapped frame-rate.

I think they locked it at 30fps simply because they filmed the actors faces at 23fps.

Gotta love forward-thinking mods though.

LightofDarkness2972d ago

Man, what is going on with PC development these days. Do they just pass it off to the new guy who doesn't really play games on PC and say "Can you knock up a version for the PC gamers? We need it by Friday. Don't worry about it if it's not perfect, those guys don't matter much anyway."

It doesn't take MUCH to make it good for PC gamers. If someone at Bethesda had spent more than 5 minutes on the menus for PC it would've resolved a lot of headaches. Or allowed the game to automatically switch the audio from whatever preset frequency the player had to the default 44.1khz, that way it wouldn't have crashed on start up for probably 30% of people. And how much does it take to turn off mouse-smoothing and acceleration by default in an ini file? Come on...

StayStatic2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

"And how much does it take to turn off mouse-smoothing and acceleration by default in an ini file?"

This is what annoys me the most, its like so simple , but by that logic the devs probably think "oh the players will sort it lolol" and move on.

Is it that hard to add a few more tick boxes to the menu options : /

SilentNegotiator2972d ago

Probably because people are too willing to just say, "Thanks, guis!" and wait for a mod to come out.

I mean, look around; expected standards aren't really getting higher this gen. Sony, EA, and others are making online passes and content passes the norm, no one seems to mind a game being shipped incomplete if they get around to giving a patch, half of the biggest franchises have yearly installments, DLC is often unlock keys to already existent content...

....people just don't seem to care or notice that they're being taken advantage of.

thespaz2972d ago

I disagree. I think 30fps works great in this game. It gives it more of a film feel. Why does everyone need to kick up their graphics to 60+fps? It looks smoother, but then it's like watching a soap opera on TV... too smooth.

30fps is perfect for most games outside of Call of Duty.

By the way, I have the PC version of GTA IV and I FORCE it to run at 30fps.

iamgoatman2972d ago

I've never understood this whole "film feel" people use when describing games that run at 30FPS, theres a big difference between a film running at their default of 24FPS as each frame contains motion blur to give it a smoother finish, games do not do this. Each frame is a hard render with no blur, so 30FPS can feel jerky compared to a standard film or game running at 60FPS. Plus running at lower FPS levels introduces input lag which can be very noticeable when using a mouse.

For me personally 30FPS games just don't feel smooth, and takes some getting used to when I play any console games, but on PC the minimum I can cope with is about 50FPS, and even though theres still a noticeable different between 50 and 60FPS the input lag is just about manageable.

kevnb2972d ago

because people see interpolation used in 120hz sets, and that looks horrible. Doubling and tripling frames is nothing like having a legit higher framerate.

thespaz2972d ago

I know where you're coming from, but GTA IV has motion blur and I use a controller 100% of the time, so I hardly notice a difference.

I hate using keyboards and mice.

As far as the smoothness goes, I prefer the slower framerate of 30fps for some odd reason. When it's 60fps, stuff starts to look... fake to me because the animations in todays games still aren't as natural or smooth as real life, so the slower framerate hides most of that.

Just watch Uncharted 3's 60fps trailer and you'll notice now it seems like drakes feet slide around on the ground in 60fps, but in 30fps, it looks more natural.

I guess I'm just in the minority for actually liking 30fps. I've been modding my PC games for years to force them to be 30fps (this helps to get higher graphics settings too without noticeable framerate dips too... for example, if the game runs at 60fps one minute and 30fps the next, just lock it to 30fps and the game will feel consistent all the way through so a single frame drop here and there will go virtually undetected.

kevnb2972d ago

nonono, the soap opera effect comes from duplicating frames. Cheap soap operas were filmed at lower than 24 fps, so when telecine makes it 60 fps it looks really strange. A Legit 60 fps looks fantastic, frame doubling and tripling looks bad.

fragnificent2972d ago

ye movies are recorded in 24fps like floetry101 said, so they did it keep the experience as the facial acting is very good, anyway, if you couldn't care less about acting im sure there will be mods :D

kevnb2972d ago

how am I supposed to use this for a legit retail version?

john22971d ago

Post was updated with a new workaround that works with pretty much every version (retail and Steam)