Six Must-Own Titles for PlayStation Vita (

Having had the chance to experience a multitude of PlayStation Vita titles recently, GodisaGeek tell you what six of the "must-own" titles are looking to be.

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JebusF2978d ago

I'd really like to play Rayman: Origins on Vita too. God that game is great.

Can anyone remember a launch line-up as strong as Vita's? Wow.

WhiteSpyderZero2978d ago

I really was really impressed with the games I got to play around with. Some fantastic concepts - Some married to excellent games, others not so much; but they all point to a fantastic future for the PlayStation Vita.

Terrylucy2978d ago

I too am a big fan of the launch lineup. Nintendo, take note. However, I don't think it'll do very well in Europe and NA.

MasterCornholio2978d ago

Why will the Vita fail in the US and Europe?


JebusF2978d ago

Launch window may be a factor.

Imagine if they'd hit the Christmas window, with a price point of £199.99.

The thing would have sold out, everywhere.

Terrylucy2978d ago

I think the emergence of iOS and Android as gaming platforms will be enough to make the "maybe" people perhaps not go ahead and buy. It is a shame, because I will definitely be getting one.

Antholex2978d ago

Such a fantastic launch line-up. I'm really looking forward to WipEout 2048, it seems so well suited to the Vita.

Antholex2978d ago

The article is titled 'Part One', maybe Gravity Daze will feature in Part Two?

WhiteSpyderZero2978d ago

I do apologise for the omission of Gravity Daze - I heard a lot of good things about it; unfortunately there were too many games, too few demo units shared between a lot of people, and not enough time to play everything.

Infernostew2978d ago

I'm looking forward to Gravity Daze/Rush and Escape Plan the most out of the launch titles even though Uncharted was the initial reason for me to buy Vita at launch.

GodisaGeek2978d ago

Are you already "definitely" buying one? It's interesting to us to see how many people are on the fence, or definitely getting one...or even definitely *not* getting one!

Infernostew2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Well, I'm waiting on preordering it to see if I can catch any deals or bundles but I have $600 in cash put away specifically for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.