No Internal HD DVD Plans

Tony Hynes: "Rumors of a built-in HD DVD sku are greatly exaggerated. We're proudly launching the HD DVD Player as an accessory this holiday. Turns out you want a say in how you spend your entertainment dollars. So who are we to burden every customer with the cost of expensive movie technology?"

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Anerythristic265855d ago

It has one of those " was there ever any doubt " feels to it.

BIadestarX5855d ago

I wonder if sony pays people to start some of these rumors.

THAMMER15854d ago

They just get this stuff going to promote what they love and that is SONY. I'm glad they will not use the HD DVD player for games that would split the user base.

calderra5854d ago

Microsoft announced ages ago that even IF BluRay takes off, Microsoft would just release an external 360 player for that too. Who cares about the HD format wars at all at this rate?

See also: (Toshiba?) is already well on the way to having a hybrid DVD/HD-DVD/BluRay drive. There goes the exclusivity problems.

And also, a classic argument: If space is such a problem, how come freakkin' Oblivion fits on one 360 DVD with room to spare? Smart compression is the answer- not filling up a BluRay disc with gigs and gigs of worthless uncompressed movies and textures.

Microsoft and 360 are going to be just fine regardless of how the format war goes. If BluRay wins, they release another external. HD wins, they say they were first. If neither wins and DVD keeps on chugging, Microsoft released the cheaper base console and never wasted money on unproven technology, at least on the base console.

When you can't lose, you win.

PS360WII5854d ago

I like that spin they used. How will you spend $600 on the 360 this season?

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